Jewelry And Accessories That No Woman Should Live Without

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Accessories aren’t just something nice to add to your outfit as you’re getting ready – they are what make an outfit. They take normal, everyday clothes, and elevate them to a new level of style. They’re perfect for expressing yourself, adding individuality, and even making things classier than they seem. Without accessories, the world would be boring. If you don’t have at least one of each of the following, get yourself to the mall, pronto.


Killer sunglasses

What would we do without sunglasses? We hide our hangovers behind them, we hide our laziness and unwillingness to do makeup, and they make us look ridiculously cool in return. A girl with good sunglasses is automatically on the road to success. Don’t just buy the first pair you love, spend some time choosing the right ones for your face shape, skin tone, and hair color – you’ll never look back.


Statement earrings

If you want to elevate your game, make your earrings stand out. Every girl should own some diamond studs – small, understated ones are the best job interview earrings, and big, bold ones are perfect for date night, especially if you have blue eyes. Spend some time shopping around – if you look at this diamond price calculator, you will see that they might not be as far out of your price range as you originally thought, and they’re a wardrobe must.


Your signature scent

What would we be without our signature scent? If you don’t have one, visit the fragrance counter at your nearest department store and choose one for you. It might not be an accessory for your outfit, but it’s an accessory for you.


Cute flats

Killer heels aren’t all that practical most of the time, as beautiful as they are. Cute flats and pumps deserve far more love than they get, and every girl should own at least one pair (in every color).


A statement necklace

When you want to add a bit of color or a talking point to your outfit, instead of throwing on your leopard print catsuit (although you’re totally entitled to it), get your statement necklace collection out instead. They create a focal point in your outfit, so even the most boring clothes will look interesting and en trend. Statement necklaces are the cheat sheet of the fashionably unsure girl.



Because rings come in so many different styles and colors, they’re perfect for accessorizing any outfit. Plain, understated rings can bring a real sense of class, but if you want to get a bit edgier, start layering different rings, and bring out the costume jewelry – you only live once so don’t be scared of experimenting.


All the handbags

We need handbags; they’re our right. Bags in various sizes, colors, and styles in our collection are the only way to guarantee we have one to go with every outfit. A plain, black, crossbody handbag has to be the ultimately staple, though, and something every girl needs.


Accessories aren’t just for jazzing up an outfit; they’re for life.

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