How to Start Your Summer Body in Winter

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How to Start Your Summer Body in Winter. It’s January – the days are short, the weather outside very cold, so what do we want to do? Probably stay all day in bed, binge-watching our favourite shows or simply cuddling with our loved one. Yes, but we still want our summer bodies in July, don’t we? In order to look our best this summer, this is the time to start working on our body. And yes, it might be difficult to find motivation, but there are many reasons as to why you should start working on your summer body now. Just like abs are built in the kitchen, summer bodies are built in winter, so what are you waiting for?

1. Why should you start now?

First of all, it’s not a secret that the habits that you grow during winter are more likely to hang around during the whole year. Now that Christmas is over, there is no craziness in the office that will take up the most of your free time. Moreover, January is always a great month to start something, so if your NY’s resolution was to work out more often, this is your time. Creating a habit in winter will definitely result in finding the time to fit your workouts in the busy summer schedule, which means that you will (finally) have no excuses. 

The main challenge is definitely to get out of your snuggle cocoon, so you should do whatever you can to achieve this. Once you hear the alarm, you should immediately wake up, instead of snoozing it several times. This is the way to actually get the most of the day and be productive.

2. Cold weather can help you in losing weight

The fact that few are familiar with is that it’s easier to burn calories during winter. Why is that? Due to the cold temperatures, our body is more prone to burning fat in order to keep itself warm and preserve our body’s internal temperature. If you give it an extra kick and start working out, the calories are going to be burned much faster than in summer, when the temperatures are very high. 

3. Mind your diet


Once you decide to start working out, it would be a great idea to keep a food journal so that you make sure you’re eating the right things. This means that you should bid farewell to junk food, and embrace healthy foods instead – a lot of vegetables and protein. If you want to go the extra mile, you can start drinking protein shakes and thus build up your muscles. However, make sure that you choose the right proteins for you. Opting for drinking casein protein is a great idea as it’s a protein that is slowly absorbed, and this is why you should be taking it just before going to bed. As all of us know, our muscles work their magic while we’re sleeping, so taking casein protein before bed in order to help them out just a bit is a great idea. 

4. You don’t have to go to the gym

All of us associate working out with going to the gym, but if this is not up your alley, you don’t have to. After all, working out in the gym is not the only form of exercise. If you like running, you can wake up three times a week two hours earlier and hit your favourite running route or work out outside. If you like a certain sport, why not take it up now? If nothing of this suits you, there is also a plethora of YouTube tutorials, so you can have a bodyweight workout in the comfort of your own home  – the only rule is to stay active.

5. How to stay motivated?


January also equals lack of motivation for working out, and this is the main villain in our goal of looking hot this summer. There are a couple of ways in which you can regain that gym motivation that you so desperately need:

  • Shower the moment you get up. Once you get up and before you take a sip of your morning coffee, make sure that you take a short, cold shower in order to wake up and shake your muscles a bit.
  • Find a workout buddy. It’s always easier to find the motivation when there are two of you, and if you happen to have a friend or a family member with the same problem as you, ask them to join you in this endeavor. It’s comforting to know there’s someone who will share this horrible experience of working out during winter.
  • Put some cool music into your phone. Great, upbeat music is always a perfect motivatior for the gym, and everything’s easier with it. Leave those sweater-weather songs at home, and play some killer songs by your favorite artists that will pump your blood while listening.
  • Reward yourself. After each successful workout week, reward yourself with something that you have always wanted. You can take yourself shopping, or you can go and have a nice dinner with your best friend. 

So, yes, staying fit or starting working on your summer body during winter is definitely something that’s easier said than done. But, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. In case you’re really struggling, the last resort woud be to go out and get yourself a new piece of gym clothing. Spend some money so you know that you will have to work out. It works like a charm! Good luck!


Guest Post by Luke Douglas

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