How To JAZZ UP Your Red Hair!

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How To JAZZ UP Your Red Hair!

Kimberly Jesika shares Beauty Tips For Red Head Bomb Shells! 

FALL is the best season of the year to try out the most gorgeous hair trends and the red hair colour is the latest hot favorite that everyone has been drooling over. The glamour world is specifically biased towards the bold copper tone and fashion divas with red hair are in popular demand this season. Red hair styles and highlights with curly hair are the heart of this FALL’s hairstyles and you are sure to love this new look.


With the development of hair dying techniques and products, it is not necessary to cut down the hair tone first before dying it red. However, you must make sure to select the ideal color which compliments your skin tone for a perfect glow.

After dying your hair red, you must avoid the sunlight as it decolorizes the shade. Cover your head with a scarf or a stylish hat before stepping out. Another way to preserve your hair tone is by abstaining yourself from using shampoos for a few days. Go for a dye friendly hair wash if you feel the need to wash your scalp, that is created using elements that do not wash off the color and also preserve its glow.

Pay frequent visits to your hair salon to keep the tone bright. Go for frequent root touch ups and try to use a soft hair dye that is free from ammonia on the remaining part of the locks as these dyes will prolong your hair tone and brightness without causing any harm.


Making the correct dress and color choices to further magnify this spicy shade gives an additional chic look that is sure to make you stand out in the crowd.

Green is the perfect color for a redhead. Dark green colored gowns with red hair are a perfect blend of beauty with grace for your formal year end parties.

Purple is another gorgeous shade for redheads. Avoid light tones and go tops and sweaters with darker to enhance your hair tone.

Wear your leather blazers over your tops with your redhead, for that gorgeous street style look this season.

This tone is definitely a must for all hair dye freaks as it is only a matter of time before dye lovers go for the red tone this season especially since all fashion icons are spotted in this beautiful shade all over the social media.


Guest Post by Kimberly Jesika

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