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Summer swelter requires lighter makeup that hydrates our skin and allows it to breathe in lighter tones to match the sunny weather. However, this doesn’t mean that a sophisticated look is ruled out during hot days and you can create a balance of low-key and dressed up styles when you hit the streets. Here’s a mix of both elegant and casual makeup routines to get you through this summer looking spot on.

A repurposed lipstick

Has it ever happened to you to leave your lipstick in the sun for too long? Instead of sulking and whining, make the melted lipstick work for you and create a bright look that’s ideal for sunny days. Take a lipstick in a red or orange color, mix the two and spread them over your eyes to act as an eye shadow. You’ll get a bronze glow that enhances your natural skin tone. Alternatively, you can use a lipstick in a warmer shade and apply it on your cheeks instead of a blush to get the sun-kissed look that welcomes summer.

The morning-after look  

Forget the perfect smoky eyes – this summer is all about a
smudgy look that becomes more alluring as the night unfolds. This is a fast and effortless way to look chic and the best part is that you won’t have to worry about retouching your makeup as the evening goes on since the trick is in the casual, slightly messy look. First, apply an eye shadow with a light shimmer along the creases of your eyes. Then, put on some brown liner to blend the two and touch it up with a coat of mascara. The heat will do the rest of the job for you.

The lashes with a liner included

Make your luxury eyelashes look wet and you won’t need a liner at all. Apply a bit of saline moisture to your lashes to keep them straight and finish up with mascara to make them more voluminous. You’ll get a classy look that features a liner that isn’t actually there. A great way to save some money and time.

A new way to use your bronzer

Summer is the perfect time to reinvent your makeup routine and try out new styles using your regular makeup gear. Instead of contouring your cheeks with a powder, put a bronzer underneath your cheeks to get a healthy rosy color and a youthful glow. After a whole day, the makeup will blend with your skin due to the heat and emphasize your natural look.

The popsicle look

If you have a hard time keeping your lips stenciled for the entire day, worry no more! This messy trend will make you look adorable without having to reach for the mirror every once in a while. Most of all, this look is fairly easy to create. Use your fingers to make a stain out of your lipstick, focusing on the central part of your lips. An easier and more delicious way to get the look is to eat a Popsicle. Press it on your lips for as long as you can in order to get that natural reddish color everyone will be jealous of.

Summertime inspires new trends, from classy and romantic to daring and unexpected. This season is all about a laid-back style that doesn’t care about the rules, but at the same time, it can be transformed for high-end nights and an elegant look. Browse through this selection of the hottest makeup trends for the upcoming warm days to play up your style and look your best in the sunshine.

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