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Our skin can be a reflection of our internal health. Of course, sometimes in our life can lead to some hormonal imbalances, and lead to breakouts. How many of us get pimples when we’re due on our period, for example? But generally, the condition of your skin will say something about your health in general. If you suffer from a lot of blackheads and pimples, then it can be an indicator of a hormone imbalance, as well as a poor diet and lack of good nutrition. However, you want to avoid prescription skin medicines that are going to be too strong on your skin. Instead, look for some natural ways to clear your skin, and it will mean your skin stays clear. Don’t just cover up the problem with medication. So here are some natural ways to clear your skin. Would love to know if they work for you!



Avoid Makeup


It can be tempting to cover up our face in as much makeup as possible when we have spots or a breakout. However, this can make the problem worse as it can block your pores further. So one thing to try is to avoid wearing makeup, at least when the breakouts are the worst. If you really can’t go without, then you could look for the best brands of organic mineral makeup for breakouts, to that it doesn’t have too much of a detrimental effect on your skin. Use light makeup, as well as a sunscreen, and it should be able to help your skin stay clear during those troublesome times.


Cleanse and Tone


Cleansing and toning your skin is often overlooked in a skincare routine. But they are an important part of the process. When neglected, they can lead to dehydrated skin, as well as your natural skin’s pH balance being off. You could use pure natural apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball as a way to tone your skin morning and night, as it is packed full of enzymes that can kill bacteria on your skin. Using honey and coconut oil is a good way to cleanse your face. The honey helps to soothe the skin, and the coconut oil helps to fight fungus and bacteria that can lead to spots.



Use Essential Oils


When using therapeutic grade essential oils, you can fight spots and bacteria naturally. Some of the best ones for skin and spots are tea tree and frankincense. The oils are strong and work as an antifungal treatment. They can stop a spot in its tracks, so can be applied when you first feel one breaking out. The best news is that it is completely natural, so you’re not filling your skin with any harsh chemicals.


Stay Hydrated


As much as you use a moisturizer on your skin, it is never going to work to its full potential unless you make sure that you keep yourself fully hydrated. Drinking plenty of water, around ten glasses a day, is a good way to keep your skin looking at its best. It will flush toxins out of your skin, as well as eliminate things like dark circles under your eyes.

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