How to Grow Your Fashion Label in the World of Digital Marketing

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Once upon a time, style was purchased exclusively in person, preferably tailor-made, where local artisans and designers were the gurus of fashion. Now, trends are omnipresent, and our ever-growing digital connectedness gives fashion brands more room to expand, reach their audience and become icons. But, in such a vastly populated arena, combined with growing competition, every brand needs to find a way to make its voice stand out in all the fashion noise.

This is where digital marketing strategies step in to save the day, because no matter if your business is big or small, a single label or a collection of several brand names under a single roof, you need to dig into this massive digital world and market your designs in order to be heard, and ultimately, worn!

Go social or go home

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If you’ve neglected your social media presence by now, it’s high time you did your brand some justice and used them properly. Follow in the footsteps of Dior and the like. These brands know their social circles. They are the best way to build and grow a reputation, maintain a proper level of audience engagement, and keep your communication channels alive and buzzing. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, you name them, they are the best platforms for getting online reviews. In fact, 86% of ladies go social to seek advice and recommendations before they shop.

The era of influencers

Ever heard of Aimee Song from Los Angeles? So have we all, and no wonder. She has cooperated with numerous known brands, LaCoste and Bloomingdale’s being some of the most prominent on the list. Influencers are as powerful as your loyal shoppers’ family and friends when it comes to their recommendations, and the online community will go nuts over a product or a wardrobe piece they see on their favorite celebrity or blogger. So, spread your wings and expand your outreach, pronto!

Freebies and promos do matter

Do you want more awareness and better engagement? Nothing spurs interest quite like a sample of your goods, a free trial or a promo code during the holidays that lets them experience your label for the fraction of the price. If they are first time customers, they will be much more likely to give your brand a go if they don’t have to invest too much at first. If they fall in love (which I’m sure they will), they’ll be eager to come back even when the prices go up again.

E-commerce as the new frontier

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Yes, brick and mortar stores are still relevant in 2018, but going online means that your primary sales channel nowadays is most likely to be precisely that: digital. The world wide web is no longer just a source of information and entertainment. It is a fabulous way to sell fashion. Hundreds of platforms have been created to give us faster and more convenient ways to develop our fashion businesses. For example, having a fashion ERP software is a great way to take control of your inventory, pricing, and customer accounts.


Purpose front and center

No website is designed only to sell. Whatever your digital strategy might entail, it absolutely needs living, breathing, growing content. From blogs, look-books, to videos and podcasts, how-to guides and fun competitions, use your digital presence to keep your audience interested and engaged. For all you know, maybe you’re just one style guide away from dazzling an entire slew of business women or college girls to fall in love with your particular design.

Visual appeal 101

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We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again: we are deeply visual creatures with a love for all things made beautiful. It’s only natural that we crave visually stimulating content. But 2018 will be only growing in visual content, because YouTube videos and similar eye-catching brand presentation will rule the digital marketing game for all brands. Fashion will not be an exception. Know thy audience, just like Nike does, and cater to their visual preferences. You’ll thank us later!


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