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There is a saying that goes something like ‘giving people gifts is the best way to show them how little you know them’. Perhaps it was the ever-cynical Dr. House that said it, but he wasn’t far off. We often give and receive presents that are not even nearly in accordance with our interests and needs, we put on a fake grin and squeeze out a ‘thank you, it’s great’ with ‘great’ sounding completely fake. Now, if you have a real fashionista in your life, and you actually care about whether they’ll like their gift, you’ve got your work cut out for you, especially if you aren’t particularly fashion-savvy. However, that’s why we’re here, to give you the skinny on the latest trends that every fashion obsessed woman in your life will really reeeeeally love.

The really special kind

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This new generation is all about following trends, but it’s also about authenticity. This is where a little Instagram/Pinterest research of their profiles will come in real handy. Check the things the person has pinned or liked on these platforms, and you’ll definitely find something they like. For instance, there is Shoes of Prey, a shoe company that allows you to customize and be part of the design process. Check out the ones she liked, sneakily find her size and place the order. Voila! Not only will you have gotten great shoes, but also one of a kind, specially designed ones.

Oldie but goldie

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Your fashionista knows it, so it’s time you knew it too – fashionable socks are totally in right now, and attention to design is paid more than ever, especially since the trend of wearing socks with sandals is booming. Now, when it comes to amazing personalised gifts, this is definitely a great one. It draws from the old tradition of giving socks, but this time, the person will rejoice because they’ll know that you’ve been paying attention to trends and made sure she got the cutest most instagrammable ones for her new outfit.

Pay attention to the trends du jour

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Only if you’ve been living under a rock will you not be familiar with the global fashion phenomenon that goes by the name of athleisure. The trend constitutes a merger between leisure and sportswear, and it’s fantastic. Now, picking a wardrobe item may be tricky, but you can always take the sneaker route. Sneakers (thanks to the trend) have become more popular than ever and your fashionista can wear them with everything – everything, even a ball gown. So, check out some of the hottest sneakers for the upcoming season, and then follow your knowledge of the person’s taste, close your eyes and pick a pair.

A girl’s best friends

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Ok, not all of us can afford diamonds, but a nice piece of jewellery will do. The fashion-savvy pay as much attention to accessories as they do to clothes, so a cool pair of minimalistic earrings or a personalized charm bracelet will definitely do the trick. Keep things in the minimal family, and think whether the person in question leans more towards gold, silver or rose gold. The possibilities are endless, and you can even add an inscription, which will make the piece authentic, and we’ve already covered the importance of that.

The unmistakable choice

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There isn’t a fashion-obsessed person out there who has not gone absolutely crazy over the checkered pattern. Now, shopping for such items as trousers or skirts can be tricky, because it’s all about the fit, but in order to buy a chic checkered blazer, you only need to take a sneak peek into the jacket label of a piece of outerwear she already owns, and you’re golden. The best part, there isn’t a fast-fashion retailer who hasn’t come up with a version of this blazer, so do your best to find the most chic looking print (and quality fabric) and you’re done.

The foolproof

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Some women are into footwear, some into bags, and some are into both. If the person in question has countless bags, she belongs in the second category. Now, you may not know what the hottest bags of the season are, but we do. Given that Ultra Violet is the official colour of the year 2018, your best bet is to go with a cute round crossbody bag in this particular hue. It will make every outfit pop, and since it’s a brand new trend, chances are, she hasn’t gotten around to snagging it just yet.

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