How to get rid of acne problems using these 10 hacks

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Are you fed up having people stare at your acne laden skin and feeling embarrassed about it?  Whether you or them are the issue, the real problem is your acne, and the only way to clear your skin from these stubborn blemishes is by getting down to the bottom of the issue.

The trouble with acne

The sad truth about acne which not many people dealing with acne prone skin are able to appreciate early on is that acne is more than just a skin problem.  Acne may be your body’s way of letting you know that it isn’t functioning optimally due to an imbalance that may be caused by any of or combinations of the following:


  1. Prolonged and unresolved stress.  Stress causes your cortisol levels to be switched on to high gear over a prolonged period of time.  Among many, it drives your hormones to run haywire, raise the level of oil production in your skin thereby increasing the likelihood of a pimple infection that can easily progress to acne.
  2.  Unhygienic practices and incorrect skincare routines.  When you have oily, acne prone skin, you have to make sure that you are following a routine suitable to your skin conditions.  Layer less and keep moisturizing.  Dry skin begets an excessively oily surface.  Touching your face with your bare hands can spread the bacteria.
  1.  Poor lifestyle choices.  Wrong food choices, lack of regular exercise and smoking can all lead to acne.
  1.  Dusty and polluted environments.  It is possible that the poor state of cleanliness of your environment at home or where you work may be causing you to breakout.
  1.  Product irritation.  When you have acne prone skin, you simply have to be extra careful about choosing which products to use.

Finding the acne solution that works for you

So, before you pick up a Strivectin, ask yourself whether you may be exposed to any of these causes.  If you are, you may need to pick up on your own habits, lifestyle and practices first to resolve your acne problem.  More specifically, listed below are 10 things you can try: 

  1.  Don’t cover up with makeup.  It is understandable why you may be tempted to want to hide away your acne.  Unfortunately, the more you cover, the worse your acne becomes.  Makeup is one of the most irritating category of skin products.  Rather than spending your time determining which makeup may be less irritating, you’d rather just leave your skin bare.
  1.  Tame your acne with a facial wash, toner and cream that contain acne-fighting ingredients.  Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are all you need to regulate your acne.  Keep to the basics and pass on the complicated acne formulations.
  1.  Keep to a skincare routine that suits your acne prone skin. To keep the routine well you should know what causes acne. Treatment should be a priority in your routine.  Cleanse twice up to thrice daily only. Don’t stop using a moisturizer simply because you have oily skin.
  1.  Use only products suitable for oil, acne prone skin.  Favor sheer and lightweight products. Use only hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.  Keep your products down to the bare essentials.  Avoid layering too many products as this can cause your skin to become reactive and irritated.

  1.  Eat right.  Eat more fresh and drop the processed foods from your diet.  Eat less fatty meats and, instead, substitute with fatty fish which have natural anti-inflammatory properties to help calm and relieve skin itchiness, redness and swelling common on acne prone skin.
  1.  Exercise.  Improve nutrient circulation and your overall health.  Exercise will give your skin a natural glow which no beauty product, not even makeup, can give.
  1.  Avoid dirty environments.  Clean up your surroundings regularly.  Use this as an excuse to get more physically active.  Refrain from reusing your pillow cases while you still have acne.  Cysts and grains may be stuck in your pillowcase fibers and are likely to infect other parts of your skin when these get into contact with your skin.
  1.  Try clinical procedures.  Get a chemical peel combined with a laser treatment.  Ask your skincare specialist about the most suitable procedure to address your acne issues.
  1.  Find time for a little bit of R&R.  Give yourself time to relax and give your mind a few hours or days off from your usual stressful environments.  The rejuvenation you can derive is incomparable to specially formulated products like Strivectin, made with NIA-114 technology.
  1. Sleep well.  As part of your regular relaxation, give yourself ample amount of sleep to support skin rejuvenation, repair, regeneration and turnover.


Clear up your lifestyle and your stash of beauty products today.  Soon enough, you will see the improvements in your acne if only you can keep up with these 10 pointers for at least 2 weeks.

Lina is a renowned independent researcher and is studying the impact of technology in the beauty industry. She is passionate about beauty, makeup, fashion and skincare industry. She holds a Ph.D. in beauty and thereby has been consistently sharing her experience by writing various articles related to makeup, beauty, fashion and skin care.

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