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Yes, we know it’s hard, but it’s time to face the music. Summer is, as ABBA’s song says, slipping through our fingers and it’s nearly time to neatly fold and pack away our sundresses, woven bags, sandals and straw hats and resort to trusty layers that will keep us warm and toasty when the first leaves start turning red and yellow before hitting the ground. Heck, even during these last days of summer, you’ve probably already had to bust out a cardigan once or twice, especially during those unexpected chilly evenings. Still, there are new things to look forward to. The golden fall, the art of stylish layering and of course, a whole new set of sweaters that will make you and hopefully your Instagram feed look like sweater #sweaterweathergoals, so let’s just give into it and see how you can enrich your sweater collection with some new and chic toasty goodies.



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When styled right, the chunky oversized sweater can give you the chicest, nonchalant, fall fashion vibes. You can go with the off the shoulder version for a touch of that sexiness that comes with baring one shoulder, and if you’re going for a real trendy winner, you will definitely choose a sweater with wide puff sleeves. In terms of color, warm and toasty ones such as burnt orange and maroon look amazing, but if you’re going for something more neutral and even luxurious and expensive-looking, pale grey is definitely the way to go. The best way to style it is obviously with dark wash jeans. You can go with simple black suede ankle boots or add a little color to the look with a pair of embroidered ones, in which case the bag – preferably a medium crossbody in a neutral hue, will seal the deal.

Shake things up

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We’re not going to play favorites with our sweater looks, but this one really is special. The long, thick creme-color cardigan (no buttons) is one of the most beautiful sweaters you can own, not to mention versatile and a great asset when it comes to layering. You can still rock your graphic or even simple tees, and even a pair of cute shorts (provided you wear tights of course) and look irresistibly cute. Now, as the key of this kind of sweater lies in its versatility you can always rock it instead of a trench coat on top of a dress, with wide-leg pants in pastel pink, and you can even add a touch of athleisure with a pair of cream-color sneakers to match your snuggly cardigan. The possibilities are endless, and the best part, your search doesn’t have to be difficult because you can find sweaters like this in any great online clothing store, most of which are already fully stocked with fall essentials.



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According to our sources, berets are still in style, so why not use this time to play with the preppy style a little? You can go hunting for the perfect pleated skirt – navy-green combo is perfect for fall. Choose the length that is most flattering on you and that visually elongates the legs. Put on a pair of over-the-knee socks in mustard yellow and finalise the look with a pair of ankle-strap, midi block-heel shoes. As for the top, this is where the mighty white shirt comes in. Don’t tuck it in, let it fall over the skirt and then complete the look with a rich crew sweater, we’re thinking something along the lines of the teal or emerald color palette. Of course, if the over-the-knee reminds you of the school-girl look too much, you can always go with simple black tights and simplify the look.


No reason to be sad

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Just because the summer’s nearly over, doesn’t mean that you need to give up on saturated and bright hues. The color-block trend is still alive and kicking, so go crazy with a bold colorful sweater. The base color can be something neutral, like white or beige, and then look for splashes of saturated hues such as red, yellow and blue. This kind of sweater is enough to make a statement and you can totally pull it off with that pleated midi skirt we know you have, an awesome pair of tennis shoes, and epitomise the bright summer vibes just to spite the grey, fall days.


For the lazy days

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Some days we can’t be bothered to sit and come up with a great outfit, although we still want to walk out the door in one. This is where a simple black turtleneck sweater comes in. It can be completely fitted or slightly oversized – totally a matter of preference and body type. Put a pair of skinny high-rise black jeans on, add a powerful structured gold necklace for a touch of flair and then choose the most fun bag you have, just so that not everything is entirely black, although if you’re a minimalist, a simple black tote will do the job perfectly. You can channel your inner Audrey Hepburn with a pair of ballerina flats and you’re out the door looking like a vintage style icon.


Ok, we think five sweaters are enough to tie you over for the fall. Don’t worry, we’ll be here with additional ideas as soon as the first signs of winter appear. Until then, enjoy your sweater weather, flaunt your layering skills and hope for a few days of Indian summer. 


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