Fall Fashion is the Best Fashion: Pro Tips for Rocking this Season

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Autumn has arrived. Store dummies are clothed in bunchy sweaters and floral scarfs; recipes containing cinnamon and all things pumpkin are pinned to Instagram a thousand times over; and those of us in the country fall asleep with crisp breezes through the window.


Despite the romantic sights and scents of the season, there is still the daily grind to be managed. The nine-to-five at work. Keeping up with friends. Hobbies. Family. And of course, that morning ritual called “getting dressed.”


Give yourself a hand, and remove the stress from that first act of the day by employing the fashion tips listed below. Heaven knows how the right outfit can do wonders for both comfort and confidence.

#1. Pick Your Palette

Color. Simple as that, it’s the difference between rocking your wardrobe, and looking like a clipping from an outdated magazine. Generally, follow nature. It had the best fashion advisor, after all.


For winter, stick to somber, icy hues: white, blue, gray, silver, and an occasional pop of poinsettia red.


Spring and summer are for flowers, and which means pastels and lively greens.


Autumn is perhaps the most vibrant of all, what with the variety of colors draping the trees – gold, orange, red, yellow, purple, olive. Try one colorful option, such as a red sweater, against a complementary backdrop like khaki. You can update your summer wear by adding layers.

#2. Layer Your Look

After a summer of shorts and slip-on shoes, piling on the cozy layers is a welcome change, and a must for protection from the chilly weather. Undershirts themselves can be made into a fashion accessory; pick a color that complements a polo or blouse, and leave the throat unbuttoned. A simple, secure fashion statement. And never forget the power of a timeless blazer. A good undershirt can even help your clothes fit and feel better, according to Underfit.

#3. A Touch of Makeup

For the ladies — Don’t settle for daubs of neutral eyeshadow and a smear of mascara, challenge the outdoor beauty with looks of your own! Try colors that gently accentuate your wardrobe, such as shimmery gold eyeshadow or deep maroon lipstick.


Men — You can skip this one. 😉

fall fashion


#4. A Head for Every Hat

Now is the time to embrace your secret collection of headgear. Floppy hats are all the rage in women’s fashion, easily paired with multicolor outfits, and available in all shades from beige to black. Or go more classic with a leather fedora, a gray newsboy cap, or even a headband.


Men, ball caps are for summer. Autumn means stepping up your hat game to gentleman status. Consider a wide-brimmed felt fedoras or tweed fisherman’s hat this season.

#5. Bountiful Boots

Nothing says autumn like the boot selections in the wholesale shops. Tall, respectable riding-style boots, dangerously daring heeled booties, accentuated in chains, fur, fabric, leather, and a host of ever-increasing materials – no matter your taste, you are sure to find a boot to match. Show them off with a knee-length denim skirt, or add it as a subtle touch to skinny jean or khaki bottoms.


Guys, boots are the ultimate in masculine footwear. Pick a signature pair or two with deep treads, neat lacing, and of course, authentic leather (women love the smell of leather). Wingtips or military style optional.

#6. Addicting Accessories

Again, color is the name of the game. Pick an understated color from your outfit, and choose an accessory to bring it out. A flashy red scarf to match the trim on your brown skirt, or maybe a flashy gold belt for your headband accents.


Hats aren’t the only fall accessories for men. Your key to success is in scarves. You don’t need a closet full of them, but two or three in neutral colors and fashionable patterns like wide pinstripe, patchwork, or even faux fur will prove a good investment.

Fall Fashion


With the right arsenal of know-how and supplies, bundling for the chilly weather evolves from a task into an art. Being prepared with the right colors, the right textures, and for the right occasions will make you the master of your wardrobe.


Guest Blog By: Shae Holland

Dirty and Thirty
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