A Facial for The Spring Equinox!

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With spring arriving and the end of awards season, you’re probably pouring over photos of flawless creaming skin wondering how yours has become dry, irritable, or perhaps too oily. Don’t worry we teamed up with the skin magicians at Burke Williams to give you all the insider tips on perfect, smooth, and flawlessly glowing skin.


Changes in the seasons can really upset the balance of your skin. That is why it’s so important to regularly update your skincare routine! If you’ve never considered getting yourself a facial you should add it to your ‘must do’ list. Having a facial a minimum of four times a year will give you long reaching results, that you’ll be grateful for later on. As with anything, if you workout a lot; versus a little you will see a variation in results. The more time you invest in your skin, the better off it will be.


I popped by Burke Williams in Sherman Oaks and spent an incredible day at their gorgeous state of the art facility. After lounging in their sauna for thirty minutes I was escorted to meet Patrice (if you can snag an appointment with her you wont be disappointed). Patrice is a miracle worker aka esthetician at Burke. Since I had never before received a facial at Burke I went ahead and tried out their signature ‘Spa Style Facial’. This facial is perfect for anyone learning their skin or trying a new facility for the first time. The reason it’s great is that it’s designed for you to really focus on specific areas. Of course it comes with a base treatment (which I’ll explain in detail in just a moment) but you can really build it to target whatever you feel needs concentration. Especially dry forehead? Oily T-Zone? It’s centered 100% on your needs. If you checkout Burke’s site you’ll see the treatment quoted as:


“Building on our signature 22-point acupressure facial massage, personalized products heal and rejuvenate the skin thru cleansing, exfoliation, masquing, and treating all types of skin concerns.  This classic facial sets the perfect platform for enhancing with our professional grade products for maximum results.”

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Patrice was a complete pro. Not only did she guide me step by step through the process and it’s benefits of each product used, you can also gain this knowledge. Be interactive when receiving a facial. Especially if it’s your first time! Ask questions. Estheticians love this; it’s their chance to educate you on what would work best for your skin as they evaluate you. Not only do they work on your face, Burke Williams is after all the King of massages. Along with a stellar facial you receive a hand dip in paraffin wax to keep them looking young and healthy, a neck, shoulder, and foot massage to compliment the experience. You’ll leave your facial feeling like a cloud: light and fluffy.


I personally struggle with fierce under eye circles. When I mentioned this to Patrice she explained Burke William’s advanced eyelift which uses micro-current technology. What does that even mean? Literally it’s this awesome little device you can purchase which sends current to your underlying muscle layer to stimulate your skin and muscles. This is just like working out but for your skin! It tenses and releases the muscle creating a firm foundation, which helps to stop the sign of wrinkles. The more you use this technique the more youthful your skin will appear because your muscle will tighten up. I’m still trying to figure out a way to have Patrice hang out and my house and give me facials on the daily. In the meantime you can catch her in Sherman Oaks.





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  1. Change of season can bring a lot of stress to your skin. Knowing that it’s the first line of defense of your body against harmful radicals in the environment, nurturing it inside out is really important. Thanks for sharing this valuable post dear. I myself have issues with my skin at times (esp during weather transitions from cold winter days to sunny spring) and I really need some treatment such as this to keep my skin being taken cared of.

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