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When you are in a long term relationship, you live together, you are married or well, let’s just say you are super comfortable around your mate, sometimes it is easy to get in the habit of living in your yoga pants and being a very dressed down, natural you.  Now I am all for hanging in your comfy clothes, with no make-up on and messy hair.  Your man digs the real you too! But …… it is also important to keep it fresh and glam it up everyone once in a while!!

I’m a big advocate for scheduling ‘Date Night’ with your  significant other and dressing to the nines.  Your sex life will thank you too 🙂  Making an effort to have a special night and look your best goes a long way.  So instead of walking in the door from work and throwing on your fave sweats, why don’t you put on that new summer dress that’s been hanging in your closet and plan a special night for your sweetheart.  Whether you treat him to dinner, a movie or a night on the town, dress up and show you care.

Need some date night fashion suggestions?  Watch this:

I live for the LWD – it is SO fun for summer.  Play up white with fun accessories like a turquoise necklace.  And don’t be scared of the color, the perfect style flatters every figure.

xoxoxo Stuart Brazell

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  1. Ithinkimgod says:

    Greetings Stuart,

    Could you please glam up my wife (when I get one)!


    • Michelle says:

      Aerosoles makes a pair of sandal weedgs that are wonderful. They are high, sexy, comfortable, and affordable. I cannot live without that pair. It comes in 4? or 5 different colors. I love them. They are about 3 inches but they are weedgs so your food can remain pretty flat like you were wearing pumps. The best part of the shoe is they are light unlike most weedgs which can be heavy. The soles are from Aerosoles so they are cushioned. I can wear them for the whole day and take the stairs up and down. Did I mention they are comfy? they also look really awesome.

    • Suresh says:

      Get some cute sandals w/ a small 1-1 1/2″ heel. But you’ll have to learn to walk on them if you don’t know how. But, if you want siotehmng easy to walk on, get espadrilles (closed or open toe). They’re unbelievably cute, make your legs look great, and are so easy to walk in! Since you aren’t balancing on a thin heel it’s like tennis shoes. I have an adorable pair from Ann Taylor that I got last year, and I wear them every day I wear siotehmng pink. They’re more comfortable than my tennis shoes.

  2. Amy says:

    Ow ow! Stuart, you are so hot! And great on-camera. 🙂

    • Nora says:

      Kitten heels especially with an inrsett like Dr.Scholls are great. They give you a little height, but are still comfy to walk in. Remember the high quality the shoe the more comfortable it will be. Don\’t listen to that dude who is like \”show off your calfs\” He\’s never worked an 8 hour day standing in stilettos. And I doubt few women could do the same.If you want a more adult look there are a lot of pointed toe kitten heels out this season. Some even in a flat model. But watch out -those can look like elf shoes.

  3. tom m says:

    i must agree on every count!

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