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Come January, we are trying to stay true to our New Year’s resolutions, but once January draws to a close, we go back to who we used to be. Girls will be girls, and boys will be boys, right? Not! 2019 should be a year of changes, and if one of your NY’s resolutions was to change your eating habits, now is your chance. It is certainly easier said than done, as changing an already established routine and habit is always quite hard, but you can succeed with just a bit of hard work and determination. Now, there are people who have no idea how to change their eating habits, and that’s why we’re here – to show you. Take a look:


1. Keep it simple

The first step towards achieving the eating habits change that you so desperately want (and need) is to keep it simple. Contrary to popular belief, changing your eating habits doesn’t have to happen all of a sudden, as it definitely could be a big change that you’re simply not ready for, and it can be quite overwhelming. What you could, and should do, is make one little change a day. For example, if you like your dessert really sweet, you can change this first by cutting down on sugar or completely taking it out of your diet. The following day you can opt for changing your breakfast and making it healthier with plenty of vegetables – this way you will change everything you want to without actually having to face the shock of a big change.


2. Have a plan

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In order to successfully change your dietary plan, it’s very important to keep track of your meals and snacks. Having a plan is 50% of the job done, especially because you will focus on healthy and nutritious food that you will have to prepare beforehand. Since the most difficult thing here is to make up your mind about what meal you should eat that day, you can use the services of different platforms and websites that can prepare healthy meal plans just for you. They will know exactly what you need and will definitely make sure that you take your vitamins and proteins each day without you having to think about it. It’s definitely something that all of us need, especially if we lead busy lives without having time to actually think about what we’re going to eat.


3. Snack mindfully

We need to clear one thing – snacking is not wrong as long as you’re making healthy choices that don’t actually add extra calories to your day. This means that you need to bid farewell to the bags of chips and candy bars, and grab a handful of nuts as substitution. The fiber and protein found there will fill you up without adding those extra calories that you certainly don’t need. Another great choice for mindful snacks are apples – even though this is quite a cliché option, they contain pectin which is a type of fiber that makes you feel full.


4. Consider smaller plates

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It’s in our nature to eat everything that we are served, regardless of how much we need. Namely, if you were given a plate full of food, you would probably eat it whole, even though your body doesn’t need that much food. This is why you should pay attention to the size of your plates – any plate is OK as long as it’s smaller than regular dinnerware. So next time you’re having a bowl of cereal, make sure to prepare your breakfast in a smaller bowl, and if you really need more, you can make yourself another one. But the chances of realizing you’re not hungry anymore are quite high.


5. Sleep and hydrate

Finally, in order to change your eating habits, it’s not only food that’s important. What many fail to understand is that getting enough of sleep and staying hydrated matters just as much. When you’re tired, you’re more likely to make poor dietary choices and become hungry only because of your tiredness. Also, don’t forget to drink plenty of water during the day; your body can confuse dehydration with hunger, so you’re probably eating a lot more than you need only because you’re not hydrating yourself enough.


Even though it sounds daunting and a bit challenging, it’s very important to stay true to your resolution and change your eating habits. And if this wasn’t your resolution, why not change your diet for the better?

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