Celebrity Secret: How to Look Sexy and Fabulous in Skinny Jeans

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You love the look of blue skinny jeans on your favorite celebrities but you think they won’t be flattering for you?

Let’s face it, for most women there is nothing more traumatic than going to a store to buy jeans!

The problem is, so many women don’t know the celeb style secrets that make looking good in skinny jeans a breeze!

Let’s fix that now!  Give the tips and tricks in this article a try and you’ll find yourself looking fierce & fantastic in a pair of skinny jeans!  Yes you’ll learn the Celebrity Secret: How to Look Sexy and Fabulous in Skinny Jeans!

DEFINITION: Skinny jeans fit snugly along the entire length of your leg from your hips right down to your ankle.  They create the illusion of long, lean legs.


You will find a darker wash to be more slimming and it’s also much more versatile.  It can be casual during the day and dressed up for a more sophisticated evening look. If you’re curvy, avoid the distressed look with bleaching, tears etc. because it will make your thighs look bigger.  Stick with plain dark wash jeans.


If you go for some stretch in your jeans – Lycra – you will find that they are much more forgiving to your curves.  They expand and contract just where they need to.


The key to making skinny jeans work is choosing the most flattering tops and accessories to go with them.


• Proportion is crucial when you wear skinny jeans!  Don’t go for short or tight tops.  Wear a LOOSE, FLOWY TOP – the volume will create a visual balance the tightness of the skinny jeans on the bottom.  Dolman sleeve tops, empire waisted blouses, flowy tunics… these will not only balance the skinny jeans but they will also cover your waistline & behind AND not cling to your tummy.


• FITTED JACKET or BLAZER that comes below the hips – this can give your skinny jeans flattering and sophisticated look

• COLOR – Blue skinny jeans can act as a neutral foundation for your whole outfit and so you can add color with your tops.

• If you want to draw the eye away from your hips and thighs, you can accessorize using a big necklace or a fabulous headband.


• Fabulous footwear is a must with skinny jeans! Wear with heels because this will extend the lines of your legs in the skinny jeans and make your legs look longer and leaner.  The heels will also lift your behind so it will appear even perkier!  You can wear flats but if you are curvy, be aware that wearing flats will make you look wider than you are.



If you have an hourglass shape you want to show off – use a stylish belt at your waist to pull it in.


Go for a little more length in the hem when you’re wearing skinny jeans.  A bit of scrunching at the heels is a good thing. It’s stylish and it makes your skinny jeans NOT look like leggings!

When skinny jeans work, they really work.  You can become a sexy, skinny jeans siren if you just give these tips a try.  I’m here pulling for you!



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Kara "KJ" Miller
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  1. Kara says:

    Great advice. I’m only now, in the last year or so, learning how to “dress” myself. I was hesitant when it came to the skinny jeans. I thought I was too “big” for them (I’m average-sized, at best). But I decided to give it a try. I’d already determined that a larger, looser, longer top was a must, to balance the skinny with a hint of mystery (or cover up, if we’re getting technical). I’ve only paired my skinny jeans with flat boots (because I’m too tall and clumsy for heels), but plan to give flats a whirl when the Midwestern spring finally arrives. All I can say is, I want MORE skinny jeans and in a variety of colors! Adorable.

  2. Erzhan says:

    Observations:First, “Curvy” is awesome. My wife was ceretad by God to make sweaters look fantastic. She’s more curvy at 50 than at 20 – and I like it. I am a blessed man.More:1) Cameron Diaz is starting to look old (isn’t she in her early 30’s? Has she had work done on her face?2) Lady Gaga is beautiful, but only with no makeup (there’s a couple of views of her plain in her Bad Romance video).3)Scarlett J is beautiful – except when she does the tight hair thing like here. Not a fan.4) Is it me, or is Mariah Carey becoming a bit freakish-elf looking? She is going to have a bad back in just a few years.5) I don’t care what Sophia Loren wears at all, if anything – no man remembers her clothes anyway. She’s fantastic and every man agrees with me.

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