Black Beauty: A Clean Skin Miracle

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must have noticed the expansion of activated charcoal masks, aka black masks that make your skin clear from the inside out. And while you may have laughed it all off at first (the whole thing did look a bit fishy to everyone who is used to the typical beauty treatments), you are probably now looking to find your own skin miracle in the nearest pharmacy, right?

Beauty miracles

Clean skin is the essence of every single beauty routine. You’ve hopefully already learned the ABCs of keeping the skin healthy, which means no greasy foods, laying off the alcohol, plenty of water and regular detoxifying. However, there’s been that one thing missing this whole time that would make your healthy skin routine complete, hasn’t it? Yep, and the missing piece of the puzzle is activated charcoal.

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Adding just a tad of it to your beauty routine will do wonders for your skin. Charcoal cleans impurities, dirt, chemicals and other similar micro-particles to the surface of the skin, releasing your body of impurities and toxins. Also, it facilitates blackhead removal as well as effective and quick overall skin cleansing. No wonder black masks are getting more and more popular by the second.

Black magic

This black magic ingredient has recently become a part of virtually all cosmetic products we use for daily skincare – from shampoos and bath salts to face masks. It seems that everybody is using charcoal religiously these days.

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Charcoal-based masks have become popular due to phenomenal effects they have on the skin. Considering the fact that people nowadays turn to more spiritual methods of balancing their lives, such as yoga, energy healing, chakra and meditation, it’s no wonder that the beauty industry has come up with something that will be as powerful for the skin as, meditation is for the mind.

Black masks are a spa-oriented type of treatment, healing the skin, relying on active charcoal for purifying and detoxicating every tired, irritated and blemish-prone surface. Some brands even claim that their masks contain meteor shower particles, which is amazing really, because is there anything better than having stuff made of stars nurture and cleans your skin?

The essence of charcoal

Although most of us have heard about activated charcoal only recently, the truth is, this incredibly powerful substance has been in use for decades for medical purposes. Prior to curving its way into beauty products, activated charcoal has been used by aestheticians and MDs to treat poison overdoses and various stomach-related issues. Being the purest form of carbon available for use in the open market, activated charcoal has amazing absorbing properties, especially when it comes to odors, organic compounds, toxins, and gases. This pretty much means that we can consider activated charcoal as a sort of magical powder, that is not solely limited to human use.

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If you are wondering why using activated charcoal should become your number one beauty habit, the reasons are numerous. It doesn’t matter whether you usually tend to fall asleep without previously taking off your makeup, live in a highly polluted environment, have persistent skin irritations that simply won’t go away or you just want to try something refreshing, healthy and new, make sure you include activated charcoal products into your skincare routine. We guarantee your skin health will rapidly improve, and you will be left wondering how it is possible you haven’t heard about this amazing product earlier.

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