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With non-stop product launches, new brands and an endless stream of beauty bloggers and influencers, it’s hard to stay up-to-date with what’s new in the beauty industry. While some people are still pushing old trends, here’s what’s really happening on the beauty front. 


No matter if you consider yourself a ‘skintellectual’ or if you’re just a normal person with curiosity, it’s very healthy to question the science behind your products. We as consumers are getting savvier when it comes to ingredients which is forcing brands to be more transparent about what their products contain. Today, many customers know the difference between vitamins and what they do for our skin and understand both pros and cons of things like retinol and retinyl palmitate. Thanks to the wealth of knowledge online, the modern customer is more empowered, so transparency is a must. And it’s truly a great thing—one of the best trends in the latest years! 

Skincare ampoules

The modern shopper wants products that are efficient and 100% save and hygienic. That’s why airtight packaging like ampoules is on the rise (even though long popular in Korea). Ampoules are small vials, usually made of glass, that contain a perfectly measured shot of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients for your skin. Unlike traditional serums, your product with stay fresh while being very strong and potent with active ingredients like vitamin C, glycolic acid and others. 

At-home facial tools

The beauty tool market is booming as people want to take quick, easy and more efficient care of their skin (no more expensive and time-consuming spa treatments). Today, you can find all kinds of advanced tools that allow excellent treatments to be conducted at home. Massage devices, facial steamers and derma rollers are just some of the very successful examples. 

Minimalist makeup and procedures

When it comes to makeup and plastic surgery, things are going from the over-the-top Instagram model to effortless glamour. Think minimalist touches of bold color on a polished skin and tight, healthy and natural look instead of botched pumped-up lips and supersized breasts. Imagine just a splash of bold color on your eye—minimum effort for maximum impact. This sort of look can be recreated by anyone and it truly is effortless. No more seven layers of shadow and mascara like we’re used to seeing online! 

Plastic surgery is taking the same route. While once people wanted plastic surgery to completely change the way they look, today they only need a little help to retain their youthful glow. Even though looking natural is all the rage right now, especially in big urban centers like NYC or Sydney, you can still be natural and have some light work done. Procedures like facelifts will not completely change your appearance but they will improve your look. If you find an experienced professional in facelift surgery in Sydney, you will look fresher, younger and healthier all while being able to recognize yourself in the mirror. These lighter procedures are also quicker to heal, so you can continue with your life without too much disturbance. 

Streamlined beauty regimes

Sure, makeup and plastic surgery are downsizing, but those strenuous beauty regimes are also getting streamlined. While Koreans managed to cash out on their 10-step beauty routines, the change is happening quickly. Sure, Korea might still be a hotbed of innovation when it comes to skincare and beauty, but people are not thrilled about its overly-elaborate beauty routines. New trend? Skip-care! This latest Korean beauty trend involves a more minimalist approach to beauty. So-called ‘skincare diet’ is all about using few but quality and strong products that have a high concentration of beneficial ingredients and nutrients. This is much easier and cheaper to follow for an average working woman (or a man)! 


The entire beauty industry is now teaming up to reduce plastic waste and pollution with their sustainable and thoughtful packaging and better formulas. For instance, Lush is pushing their ‘naked’ zero-waste packaging by making everything in solid form from soaps to shampoos and makeup. Water conservation (#waterlessbeauty) is also on the rise. Water is the beauty industry’s most wasted ingredient, even though water supplies are rapidly going down. But, today we have giants like L’Oreal that are committing to serious water consumption reduction (60% per finished product by 2020) while Unilever is aiming to halve the water waste associated with its products by the same year. These campaigns and efforts are worth backing up!  

This year is truly very healthy when it comes to beauty trends. From transparency to minimalism and sustainability, we can see that the modern consumer is changing, getting smarter and more careful for the sake of their own health and the sake of our planet. We can be truly proud!

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