Beyond Budget: 10 Summer Staples for $70 or Less

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There are a lot of summer trends happening right now. From floppy hats to printed jumpsuits to one-piece bathing suits, this list will highlight the 10 summer essentials you need for $70 or less.

1. Chunky Heel Fringe Booties: $45.99

Embrace the fringe this summer. It works on purses, clothing and especially shoes. That’s why these fringe booties are a no-brainer. You’ll get the elegant heel look, but with added zest to match this summer’s funky fringe craze.


2. Lace Crop Top: $12.90

Forever 21 is known for its sweet prices, but can also be applauded for its adherence to current trends. While almost any item on this summer’s hot list could probably be found at Forever 21 for under $70, this lace crop top is a definite favorite. Simple cotton crop tops are also in this season, but the lace adds an undeniable touch of elegance.


3. Flounce One-Piece: $39

Swimsuits from Victoria’s Secret can range in a variety of ways: body coverage, price, pattern vibrancy, etc. This flounce swimsuit is a one-type-suits-all deal with its perfect blend of exposure and conservation. It comes in three colors, sure to fit with any skin tone. It’s flirty, comfortable, cute and, most importantly, affordable.


4. Patterned Straw Floppy Hat: $39.90

It’s always in style to protect your face from harmful UV rays, and while fedoras are also trending this summer, straw hats offer more shade. Plus, the larger, floppy-brimmed hats will always, in my opinion, give off a stronger summer vibe than any other accessory. This patterned hat from Express – designed with a perfect combination of straw and color – will give your every outfit just the right flare.


5. Zora Colorblock Tote: $39.98

There are just two words for you to remember this summer: neon accessories. This includes shoes, jewelry and, most importantly, bags. Francesca’s colorblock tote not only comes in the perfect color pairings, but it also offers enough storage space for the pool or a small getaway. Get out in style – and glow bright!


6. Cat Eye Sunglasses: $9.95

There are a number of places at which you can find cat eye shades under $70. These thick-framed, stylish, UV-protective sunglasses from H&M, however, are our favorite option. The cat eye look makes any woman appear a little more mysterious, and is definitely a trend to take advantage of this season.


7. Clouded Dream Shorts: $26

This summer is all about the high-waisted shorts. Not only are they comfortable, but they also serve as the perfect pairing piece for crop tops – another sizzling seasonal trend. When you can find a pair that has a cool pattern to boot, like these pocketed black and white shorts from Dainty Hooligan, you just can’t say no.


8. 1969 Geometric Boy Fit Jeans: $39.95

White denim is a must on this summer’s list. A looser fit is also trending, leaving these budget-friendly Gap boy fit white denim jeans as your obvious go-to. Hurry though – you have to get use out of them before Labor Day rolls around.


9. Satin Floral Jumpsuit: $19.80

Jumpsuits are appealing for many reasons, one of the most obvious being the incredibly stylish appearance. They’re easy, too, since they’re just one piece. Patterned jumpsuits are trending this summer, which, unfortunately, can prove a bit tricky. Like maxi dresses, a pattern that’s too busy can be a total overload when worn full length. To save you the trouble of overdoing it, we’ll suggest Forever 21’s Satin Floral Jumpsuit – the perfect pattern that’s both stunning but easy on the eyes.


10. Eva Mendes Collection – Colorblock Cross-Body Bag: $59.94

Head to New York & Company right away to get your hands on one of these babies. This item meshes the cool style of a cross-body purse with a perfect pair of colors, earning the name Burgundy Spice. While the bag already has an appealing price tag, we’ve seen discounted prices for it, too. So keep your eyes out for deals.


There you have it – your most stylish summer yet, achieved on the cheap.

Savannah Hemmings
Savannah Hemmings is a personal stylist and lifestyle blogger. Her work has been featured in Hello Giggles, Bustle, Thought Catalog and Lucky Magazine. Like her tips? Check out her blog, SincerelySavannah, for more fun stuff! Twitter: @savhemmings
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