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The fashion and beauty scenes around the world have been brimming with inspiration during this fashion month, bringing hot new trends and reviving old ones. The streets of the fashion capitals, New York, London, Paris and Milan, have featured enticing looks, ranging from simple and natural to bold and stunning. Here are several fashion and beauty trends that have marked the street style of the spring 2018 collections.

Authentic hairstyles


Bobs were one of the most prominent hair trends that dominated the streets of fashion capitals during this month. This hairstyle has made a huge comeback, featuring different, equally chic styles. From wind-blown bangs and relaxed looks with an effortless beauty to blunt, straight and sleek with a classic A-line and a modern flair, bobs have definitely fired up this month’s fashion scene.
Air-dried curls with a lot of texture were yet another hair trend for 2018 street style. Simple yet infinitely stylish, natural, bouncy curls are perfect for a casual, chic look. Cher hair, long and straight with a sharp centre part, has also made a comeback with a bang. As for hair colours, hot red and icy platinum blonde were two major trends, followed by more eccentric hues, such futuristic lilac, neon pink, vibrant orange and others.

Cheerful and colourful looks


The streets of fashion centres were colourful and cheerful thanks to enticing and exuberant looks. Beautiful floral dresses added a note of playfulness, while printed trench coats replaced the classic and somewhat monotonous tan ones. Patterns were mixed and matched and clothes were layered, creating stunning and authentic looks. Floral, plaid, polka dots and stripes embellished numerous chic outfits. Monochromatic and neutral designs had their place on the street style fashion scene, but they often had a touch of colour that gave them a unique flair. All-red looks were one of the most prominent monochromatic designs that never seemed boring. Outfits were often complemented with dramatic accessories, such as oversized glasses or conspicuous earrings.

Sensual skin reveals

Simple yet sexy skin reveals gave simple, everyday outfits a stunning and sensual flair. Whether it was an artful presentation of the shoulders, a hint of the belly or an understated display of thighs, skin reveals were subtle yet powerful. While stylish crop tops revealed stunning abs, high boots and denim shorts were a perfect combination for unveiling thighs. Lovely puffy jackets and stylish coats gave just a hint of sensual cleavage.

Organic, natural looks


Natural and organic was infinitely hot, sexy and stylish on the street style scenes in all the fashion capitals. Makeup was often subtle, light and understated, with occasional pops of stunning details. Subtle, monochromatic makeup trends were often used as a backdrop for dramatic hairstyles, creating enticing yet balanced looks. Models had beautiful skin with a natural glow, as beauty influencers started using vegan makeup for the wow effect. Street looks featuring the natural face paired up with a stunning dramatic hairstyle or a cheerful outfit were simply mesmerising.

Graphic eyes


Dramatic eyeliner was all about the high impact as it replaced the classic smoky eye trend. Featuring enchanting shapes and hues, graphic eyes were truly eye-catching without going overboard. Some of the most popular looks were rounded cat-eyes in glossy and glittery shades, thin white or silver stripes right under the lower lash lines and simple yet conspicuous pastel eyeliners. Eye makeup paired up matching the outfit was another simple, but stylish look of the fashion-inspired streets.

Chic lips

While high-impact lips in burning red or dark, even black hues did have their place in the spotlight, it seems that understated lips were the leading trend. Peach-hued lipstick looked barely there, but chic and still noticeable. A brush of colour applied to the centre of lips had a stunning, just-bitten effect. Glossy, berry-shaded lips with purple undertones, matte burgundy shades and lovely blurred lines looked simply stunning.

The streets of fashion capitals have brought stunning trends for the upcoming months. Simple, chic and authentic, street style is diverse and enchanting.

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