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How’s a modern, stylish diva that also happens to be a badass career woman going to indulge her love for fashion when her job requires her to wear mostly suits in neutral colors? By being clever, of course! Accessories have the ability to take any outfit to a whole new lever, and they’re particularly important for the businesswomen who love to look pampered and polished. Eager to style up your everyday work outfits? Let’s check out what’s hot this season!

Transparent purses

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Plastic is fantastic this season apparently, because transparent accessories are all over the runways. From shoes to bags, we’ve seen models rocking some ultra cool, almost futuristic-looking pieces and we think a see-through bag would be a perfect purchase for this season. Transparent shoes might be a little difficult to pull off at the office, but a bag that’s artfully decorated with a scarf that you can tie around the handle? Cute and classy! There are variations on this trend and if you don’t like the idea of a see through bag, find something that merely incorporates plastic panels and other details.

Big hats

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Hats used to be a necessary part of every lady’s outfit, but over the years we’ve abandoned the idea and focused more on wearing colorful caps. However, hats are in this season, especially wide-brimmed ones and they’re a really great way to make sure you go through this winter looking very stylish. With a long, woollen coat and a big hat that frames your face well you’ll look like a great dame, and if you want a touch of retro, tie a small scarf around your neck.


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You’ve got stuff to do and places to be, and break-my-neck kind of heels are not ideal footwear for that. Boots are in right now and we’re very happy about that because it’s pretty much the perfect choice for a business woman. With some cute ankle booties your slim trousers and a business jacket will have just a hint of sass and sexiness and yet still be perfectly appropriate for the office.

Cool shades

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Whether you ride the bus or drive a car to work, you want to be stylish every step of the way, and this season is screaming for some cool shades to accompany your outfit. Just imagine, a cool, classy bun at the nape of your neck, a pair of subtle earrings, and then some modern Quay sunglasses to frame your face. Professional, stylish, and downright sophisticated.  


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If transparent plastic really doesn’t call out your name, another option for this season are geometrical bags and other accessories. A circle-shaped bag, or maybe a pair of rectangular earrings can give a modern visual interest to your look, especially if you combine it with simple, classic outfits. It will look very sleek and polished, with is perfect for when you have a big meeting coming up and you want to look very put together.

Chain necklaces

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Slim, long, and very, very simple. Silvery chain necklaces that reach over your shirt and end with a simple pendant are an excellent accessory for a lady who loves jewelry because it’s subdued enough for the office, and yet it’s very chic and feminine. Wear your slim necklace over a black silk blouse or maybe a lush cashmere sweater and you’ll have a very graceful look on your hands.

Being stylish when you’re a busy career lady doesn’t have to be difficult. Stick to classic pieces but upgrade them with cool accessories and bring the chic back to the office! We hope you like this season’s trends and that they inspire some great new looks to wear to work.

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