Beach Perfection: Be the Queen of Tropicana

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Beach Perfection: Be the Queen of Tropicana

There are few joyous moments that can match that mixture of relief and excitement when you dip your toes into the sea for the first time in some new, exotic destination. Vacation – it’s finally here and you’re going to spice it up with the help of your inner fashionista! You can show off your curves and your dance skills all the while being exceptionally comfortable and true to your authentic style.

Baubles, beach hair, swimsuits, and smiles, here we come! It’s time to bring out your trendy treasure trove of accessories and your favorite garments that will turn you into the goddess of the sea.

Be a bohemian mermaid

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This sizzling season once again lets you bring out your boho spirit with the help of rich florals, vivid palettes of creamy hues mixed with daring accents, and of course, nature-inspired materials such as pure cotton, linen and leather.

Twitterpated with versatile colors? Pick a long, flowy wrap skirt with ethnic or floral prints, match it with a plain white linen shirt and a pair of sandals and you have a perfect beach outfit that doubles as an evening look. Mix it with a turquoise layered necklace or a beaded ankle bracelet for the best effect.

Festive swimwear for your inner princess

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Although there’s no denying that every girl’s wardrobe needs at least one bikini noire, the little black dress of swimwear, this season is all about the bold and the beautiful, the unconventional and different. You want to stay comfortable, while showing off your figure in a beach piece that will reveal and hide the perfect amount of skin!

The hottest choice for this year is fabulous one-piece swimwear with curious cleavage cuts, flattering shapes and eye-catching patterns to dazzle every fashion enthusiast. Animal prints, florals, stripes, single-hued with textured frills and ruffles, anything goes, as long as it’s fun and unique.

The symphony of summer tones

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Of course, pastels and soft hues are always welcome, especially when you spice them up with a splash of glitter, neon or a contrast color to break the monotony. But your tropical destination deserves at least a few pieces of parrot-like combos that have also inspired some of the greatest fashion designers in the past few months.

Think La La Land reds, greens, blues and yellows! Hot pink, neon green, rich turquoise and loud emerald, mixed and matched to suit your personality as well as your tan and accessories. Even if you’d rather stick to a subtle snow-white lace tunic, with a vivid sarong, a pair of statement earrings or a fancy fedora hat you will achieve a dazzling effect!

Accessories worthy of an empress

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While we’re on the subject, no exotic trip can go without your personal selection of headwear, baubles and makeup to match your tropical spirit. Nourish your skin with proper sunscreen and embellish it with the help of the right jewels – this summer is marked by natural stones in rings and necklaces alike, layered bracelets in wood and metal hues, beads, asymmetrical, mismatched earrings and playful ankle bracelets.

Retro shades or cat-eye sunglasses, oversized or fitted, with gems and matte, it’s a versatile selection to choose from for this year’s winning outfit. Pair them with a maroon red lipstick and a touch of skin-tone highlighter, showing off your natural beauty with nature-inspired makeup, and you’re only a loose braid away from a perfect beach look!

Let your wardrobe reflect your love for all things beautiful both on the beach and in your evening adventures. Choose a versatile spectrum of colors, experiment with those multipurpose sarongs and scarves, wear what makes you proud, and your ravishing smile will be the crown jewel of your summer collection that will make you the matchless fashion queen of this summer!


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