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Let’s be honest, Australian girls are some of the best looking in the world. Maybe its genetics or the climate Down Under, but they are really stunning. Just look at Nikol Kidman or Margot Robbie, simply gorgeous. However, great genes and warm climate are not enough, Australian girls know how important a quality beauty regimen is and they have their little secrets that help them stay great looking at all times. Luckily, we are here to reveal some of the best kept beauty secrets and help you look just as gorgeous as the Aussie lasses.

Make your skin your priority


Living in Australia means being exposed to harsh sun rays most of the year, so the first thing Aussies girls learn is how to protect their skin and maintain that healthy glow. For starters sunscreen with a high SPF is an absolute must, and you need to apply it several times a day. Secondly, it is all about hydration, sand. sun and surf can really dry out a girl’s skin so it is imperative that you use moisturizers and hydration creams in order to bring back moisture and elasticity to your skin. And finally let’s not forget about regular rejuvenating facials, this is the one thing Australian girls love to indulge in.

Ah that perfect smile

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There are a few thing that are more beautiful than a gorgeous girl smiling, and Australian ladies know this oh so well. That is why the make sure that their smiles are impeccable. Apart from regular maintenance and visits to the dentist’s office, a lot of them decide to get quality porcelain veneers in Melbourne, since it is were some of the best dental clinics are. In addition, they make sure to stay away from food that tend to stain their teeth, after all it is all about the pearly whites Down Under. So, all that is left is to practice that stunning smile and the world is your oyster.

Detox on the weekly basis

In order for your body to look its best it is essential that you detox on the regular basis, and this means both inside and out. Start a couple of days with juices, freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit ones and don’t forget to drink a lot of water, this will  keep your body and skin hydrated and help you detox. As for the external detox, there are some great detox masks that Aussie girls love to use. You should get the best ingredients available like banana, cacao and kaolin clay. You can also include kakadu plum and some Australian ground coffee as the perfect choice for both skin peeling and firming.


Stay active

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If you talk to Aussie girls they will always tell you that the key to their good looks is staying active, and there is no shortage of options for that Down Under. Jogging, surfing and Yoga are among some of the favourite choices. The key is to take your workout outside and establish your own fitness rituals that you will stick to each day. Most Australian ladies prefer the morning fitness routine in order to avoid the midday sun and protect theirs skin from burning. In addition, they prefer to personalize their fitness routine instead of joining some group fitness option, that way they can really get the most of their workout and do the exercise that are most beneficial for their body type.


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Yes, it is as simple as that, we need our beauty sleep, and Australian girls understand this. So they do their best to get sufficient rest, and find time for themselves so that their body can relax. This is very clearly reflected in the way they look, no dark circles under the eyes, fewer wrinkles, basically only those you get from smiling a lot. This might be the most important secret Australian girls can teach us, if you are feeling relaxed and happy it will be reflected in the glow of you skin and and the smile on your face.


Now you have the inside scoop on how Aussee girls look so good day and night. All that is left is to implement these routines and enjoy the very visible benefits.

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