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Let’s turn our attention to a few young and beautiful ladies to see the jewels worn by most of their stylings in Downton Abbey – the art deco jewels. The film The Great Gatsby reflects the jazzy period of decorative art. The decorative art changes the solid color of the Edwardian era. Bold jewelry design, strong color contrast, multi-use geometric cutting. The jewelry of this period often has a streamlined appearance and emphasizes vertical lines. From the practical point of view after the war, explore a new combination of materials to truly represent the beauty of the material itself getnamenecklace my name jewelry. 

Swing pendant lamp type earring began to be popular during the Art Deco period. The slender shape was feminine, the streamlined design, the large, exquisite colored jewelry paired with short jazz-age hair gives the elongated, feminine earrings a way to shimmer between a woman’s ears. 

Long strings of pearls are very popular during the Art Deco period. We can see long necklaces with ropes and ribbons. Even the streamlined and waist necklaces, which are woven from thin threads, are usually made of pearls or other gemstones name bracelets. They are chosen to hang on the chest or behind the back according to the clothing. It can prevent accidental exposure and decorate the delicate skin. Whether it is a day trip or a night dinner, it can be well matched and popular. Wearing a long string of pearls and waist necklaces can be selected according to the dress for front matching or back dropping. Around 1920, tassels are also a representative element of the Art Deco period and are usually hung at the bottom of a necklace pendant. 

Wide geometric bracelets were popular during the Art Deco period, and the wide shape allowed it to be used as a brooch. It can be said to be dual-use. A novel arm-bracelet appeared, showing the creativity and vitality of Art Deco, with the half-opened, ruffled bracelet returning to the public eye. Lady Mary’s armband, with evening gown, is avant-garde fashion.

Art Deco Jewelry

Brooches are used not only to decorate clothing but also to decorate hats and headgear. Coral, agate, and jade are common materials. By 1930, clip-like brooches became popular. They were usually a pair. They could be split or grouped together, or they could be matched with other brooches. They are generally uniform and symmetrical. Lady Mary wears a decorative art brooch as a headgear, along with a long necklace, a pair of Art Deco hairpin brooch.

 Around 1930, the various headbands of the art deco period replaced the Edwardian tiara as the favored accessory of fashionable women. The headband was worn on the forehead and set off the clever short hair, highlighting the slender, elegant and cozy new style. Lady Rose is from the United States. This girl adds more boldness and rebellion than the conservative British aristocracy. The mix of decorative art hairbands makes her look innocent and lively. On important occasions, the ladies of the upper class still have to wear the crown-shaped hair accessories to be solemn. In Downton Abbey, we can see that the shiny tiara and the bright art of the Art Deco period have a different flavor. Ladies wearing a tiara on formal occasions. 

 The wheel of history is rolling forward, the ritual and music were collapsing, during the baptism of war, the aristocratic society was tottering, behind the vanity is endless fear and emptiness. The time has changed and society has changed, but the jewelry has become increasingly bright. Whether it is the understated luxury of the Edwardian era or the boldness of the decorative arts, let us appreciate the charm of jewelry through time, just as the Downton Abbey brings us to the delicate life, yearning forever never disappears.

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