Amazing Makeup Ideas You Can Try Out This Valentines Day

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Looking for a perfect excuse to give yourself a much awaited, much-deserved makeover? How about Valentine’s Day? The lovesick theme of the season and, most importantly, ladies becoming caught at the center of the celebration, badly calls for a change. How about giving your makeup practices a major revamp?


7 Looks Inspired by Valentine’s Day


Think you’ve already tried all the possible Valentine’s Day makeup tips you can get your hands on after decades of partaking in Valentine activities? Take a look at this 7 Valentine inspired you most likely have never ever tried before:


  1. Red Eye Shadow and Eyelids. Chances are, you’ve spotted a runway and a magazine cover turn up women in red eye shadow in the past year and must have exclaimed, “Whew! I didn’t know that was possible!” Believe in the wearability of this trend more as you prove to yourself that you can pull off such an unusual look before.


Simply shape and leave your eyebrows in a barely made up state. Pick up a creamy red pigment. Using your fingers, lightly spread across your eyelids. Top your eyelids with a frosted eyeliner or simply line your top and bottom eyelids with glitter.


  1. Light and Bright Eyeliners. Need a quick update you can wear in one swipe? If that sounds more like your kind of beauty regimen, this look will definitely foot your lifestyle. Simply get into one of the most popular new looks of the past few months by getting your stash of light greens, yellows and powder blue eye liners. These are great worn as you would use an eyeliner but, if you’re hoping for a little more drama, how about getting into the Chanel powder blue eye look for a change?


  1. Dark and Gothic. Whoever said that dark painted eyes and dark pigmented lips don’t go together was wrong all along. The young ones seem to find limitless appeal to their darker side and celebrate it with this look. Wear your black eyeliner as if there’s no tomorrow to spare any of your stick. Create a dark shadow around your eyes. Make sure to create a glimpse of shine by opening up your eyes. Curl your eyelashes and wear your mascara. Line your lips with black or deep plum matte lips.


  1. Nature Goddess. Make your fairy dreams come to life without necessarily overdoing your makeup and feel like you’re headed for a costume party rather than a V-Day date. The key elements of this elemental look are a fine, flawless complexion and a pulled up hair.  Start by treating your skin. You want luminous skin. Lightly put on your makeup. You can simply curl your eyelashes and put on a light mascara or wear a fantasy-themed eyeshadow in pastel colors. Fix your hair in a french braid and add flower bands or ruby stones as accents.

  1. Vintage Glam. Go back into the not so distant past by playing up the sky blues and the bright pinks over and under your eyes. Keep everything else in the background. Complete the look with a nude, barely there lipstick and a golden bronze shimmer to go with it. Curl your hair into messy horizontal waves. Clip up the thinner side and let the rest drop effortlessly over your shoulders.


  1. Tanned to Perfection. Contour then create a sun-kissed complexion with your bronzer. Get your full brows on and your eyelids lined in black. Open up your eyes by working your lashes. End with a peachy blush on the cheeks and a hint of shine over soft matte brown lips.


  1. 80’s Funked. Go back to the era when bright colored makeup and boldly colored lips were shamelessly mixed and matched with plastic earrings, lace gloves, leather jackets and denim skirts. This look will literally leave you singing to that Echo and the Bunnymen song that goes, “Lips like sugar, sugar kisses”.


Get to the Barbie rockstar mode by drawing a single line on — yes, on not over — your eyelids using a sky blue eyeliner. Curl your lashes and lightly brush on your mascara. Add glittery details on the outer corner of your eyes. End with frosted lipstick in hot pink. Blow dry and tiss your hair. Consider a tinge of spray net for 80’s sakes!


Red Lipped Golden Look For Valentine





Love your V-Day look and watch your glammed up date photos with pride again and again. So, what are you waiting for? Get that styling hat on!


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