How to Pack For a Long Trip: To Italy & Beyond

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One of the daunting bits about going on a big vacation is packing for it. To be at once stylish, comfortable, and climate-appropriate while being efficient and light-weight can be quite the task.

I’d been stressed out and shopping like a madwoman to ensure I had the right pieces that coordinated with everything, and this weekend was crunch time. I made lists. I created a complex coding system to map out coordinating pieces that failed miserably. I fell asleep mid-way through SNL. And then, I made a life-changing discovery: my new favorite iPhone app, Stylebook. (I don’t know what I would do without my iPhone, and let’s be honest it is going to be interesting how I survive without full functioning capabilities for 2 weeks overseas… but that’s another post.)

Anyhoo…Stylebook. Yes. Download it. It’s a perfect tool to catalog your closet, plan outfits, make packing lists, etc. I will eventually catalog my entire closet in a fit of crazy one of these days, but for now it’s proven life-saving abilities have wrapping up my packing project in a nice little bow suitcase.

55 items. 30 looks (with even more possibilities!). 26″ roller suitcase that’s not even full. Bam!

All Pieces


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