9 Wardrobe Tips for Thirtysomething Ladies to Look Hot

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You’re thirtysomething years young, and you’re not afraid to show off your signature style. Transitioning from your “younger” years as a college student, recent grad, and twentysomething into your 30s can be a hard time. You might still like some aspects of your younger style, but you’re not sure it’s a good fit anymore.

Now that you’re thirtysomething, you have your life together. You’re no longer living in a dingy apartment, your college days are in the past, and you’re ready to be taken more seriously. Just because you’re getting a little bit older doesn’t mean you can’t still look young.

You know how to dress for your body and you know what you like. If that doesn’t scream fashion, we don’t know what does. In this guide, we’re sharing 9 wardrobe tips to help thirtysomething ladies look young, hip, and totally put together.


1. Yes to Crop Tops

One of the biggest trends of the day is crop tops. Young women (and older women) are embracing their tummies and letting that sexy strip of skin shine through. However, if you’re like most thirtysomething, you might not feel 100% comfortable with your stomach anymore. Let’s face it. That flat tummy look is hard to achieve in our thirties, and that’s totally okay.


You don’t have to retire your crop tops just yet. Instead, pair them with high-waisted clothes. High-waisted pants, shorts, and skirts look fabulous with crop tops. This will give you more shape and coverage without having to worry about that dreaded muffin top look.

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2. Elevated Jeans and T-Shirt

Who doesn’t love throwing on jeans and a t-shirt? This is a college students staple, but can you also rock this look as a thirtysomething? While you might not be able to pull it off in the boardroom or in a professional environment, this is still a top go-to for many women in their thirties.


How do you pull it off? Start with a nice graphic t-shirt, one of these custom t-shirts by The Teehive, or just a plain white t. Next, pair this with your favorite pair of skinny jeans. It’s best if the shirt is a bit oversized to balance out the tight jeans. Tuck the shirt into the jeans to add some shape and form, and add some accessories. You’re ready to run some errands in style!

3. Simple Sports Shoes

Once again, sometimes we’re looking for an easy outfit to throw together for a day with friends or errands. Don’t think you have to give up your favorite sneakers because you’re no longer wandering around a college campus. It’s possible to pull off the effortless sneaker look as long as you’re careful with your choice in footwear. Classic styles are always a good option, like white sneakers or slip ons.

4. A-Line Dresses

If you’re in need of an everywhere dress, skip the elastic waistbands and fitted styles. While these might be great on some occasions, they’re hardly as versatile as an a-line dress. These can be both fitted and lose, and they draw the attention to your legs and feminine figure. They’re perfect for literally every occasion, so make sure you have one in your closet.

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5. Detail-Focused

Because you’re less concerned with showy clothes that flash your skin and show off your shape, you can focus more on the interesting details. If you’re worried about wearing too many textures in the past, put those fears behind you.


Look for unusual fabrics, laces, different color combinations, and other details. These are what create the visual of a woman who knows her style and feels confident enough to just go for it. Who doesn’t love a good detail?

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6. Upgraded Undergarments

There’s something powerful about a well-fitting bra. Unfortunately, a startling 80% of women are supposedly wearing the wrong size bra. Frankly, you’re too old for that. Break up with your Victoria Secret BOGO bra and opt for something a bit more grown up. Don’t worry, grown up can be super sexy!


First, go to a department store or lingerie store and get an actual fitting. The right bra size will offer support without feeling uncomfortable. Basically, you’ll never want to take it off. From there, slowly filter out your undergarments until you have a supply of the best fitting things you’ve ever worn. You’ll feel like a whole new woman.

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7. Quality Outerwear

The same goes for your outerwear. You’re not longer in your twenties, and that means you can afford to splurge a bit on some fancier outerwear. That Northface you wore in college might have gotten you through winter after winter, but it’s not doing you any favors now. Think about purchasing something that you can pass off to the coat check at a fine restaurant without feeling embarrassed.

8. Structured Bags

If you’re lugging around your old, formless backpack to and from work, odds are you look like an unkempt college student. In your thirties, you need bags that are structured and mean business. This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun bags (you totally should), but pay attention to form. You don’t need to choose an expensive designer bag, but make sure you’re choosing something classic and well-structured.

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9. Tailored Clothes

Last but not least, make sure your clothes fit. This goes beyond the size number. Sometimes, to get the right fit, you need to get your piece tailored. Not only is this more affordable than you think, but it will transform average-looking clothes into show stoppers. Seriously, you’ll look like a million bucks.

Rock Your Thirties

In your thirties, it’s time to let your fashion shine. You finally have the money and time to focus on your fashion, so why not try these wardrobe tips above? You don’t need to throw away the clothes that make you feel young when you have classics like these.


How do your clothes make you feel? It’s time to up your wardrobe to meet your life. You’re a strong, powerful woman, and it’s time you dress like it.


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