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Not too long ago, the idea of garments coming from sustainable clothing brands would have triggered visions of oatmeal-colored, oversized items that are lacking in any sort of beauty and desirability. However, the growing issues of overconsumption and extensive environmental damage has made conscious fashion lovers put pressure on brands to rethink their strategies and come up with more eco-friendly solutions. Apart from the hugely positive environmental impact of sustainable clothing, consumers have also realized that natural materials such as bamboo and organic cotton have a great impact on their overall health, especially when it comes to clothing that comes into direct contact with the skin.

So, if you also want to do the planet and yourself a favor, here are the best fashion brands, approved by the sustainable movement:



Designed in Australia, Boody makes comfortable garments you can feel good about wearing. With the focus on creating eco-friendly clothing, the brand uses organically grown bamboo to produce their items, adhering to the highest standards for both their workers and our planet. Boody offers fashionable activewear, including tanks, sports bras and stylish leggings, as well as comfortable underwear, available in a wide range of different shapes and styles, so you are bound to find your ideal fit with ease.



For those of you who turn basics into boldness, PACT is right up your alley. Their range of soft and long-lasting basics includes everything from T-shirts and hoodies to pants, shorts, and even dresses. Not only is their clothing Fair Trade certified and made from 100% organic cotton, but they are also universally flattering and comfortable all year round. Easy to dress up or dress down, PACT offers high quality items for a very affordable price.

Misha Nonoo


Misha Nonoo started her eponymous clothing line with the aim to stop the pressures and stresses of dressing, so that modern women can spend less time worrying about their appearance and more time pursuing their passion. Her ‘Easy 8’ collection consists of eight pieces that come together to create 22 different looks, showing you how simple and fuss-free it can be to get dressed. Apart from that, sustainability is at the core of her brand. Her clothes have a long and valuable life, as she uses innovative production and distribution to avoid any unnecessary waste, and only works with one seasoned factory to ensure ethical practices are being followed.



Reformation is an LA based brand that creates effortlessly feminine silhouettes from sustainable fabrics, such as rescued old stock materials and repurposed vintage clothing. But it’s not just the environment the brand really cares about – their sustainable factories are US based and offer safe working conditions, as well as fair wages, to all of their employees. The company aims at fairness and inclusivity at every level of production, which is why they have recently branched out to include plus-size clothing into their collections.

People Tree


People Tree was one of the first sustainable fashion brands, realizing that creating ethical and eco-friendly clothes was important long before environmental consciousness became such a big trend. Based out of the UK, they create beautiful clothing that women can wear all year round, using fair trade practices and organic and eco-friendly fabrics, which has earned them an accreditation from the World Fair Trade Organization. Browse People Tree for versatile, colorful dresses that you’ll wear for seasons to come.

Alternative Apparel


Whether you are searching for comfortable loungewear, gift sets for friends and family, or accessories such as bags and scarves, Alternative Apparel is the perfect place for any bargain hunter. Along with ensuring their workers receive fair pay and safe working conditions, they also use sustainable and recycled materials whenever possible, as well as non-toxic and low-impact fabric dyes, making sure their products are as eco-friendly as possible.

Lark & Berry


No one could argue against the allure of diamonds, but the process of sourcing these precious stones is filled with ethical issues, from the exploitation of workers to environmental devastation. Lark & Berry offers sustainably sourced, cultured diamonds that are grown using lab technology. These gems are of the same quality as mined diamonds, or arguably even better, but they come with the added bonus of sustainable credentials. So, if you are looking for an eco-friendly, yet sophisticated jewelry brand, Lark & Berry is a wonderful option.



With the mission to propel sustainability within the footwear industry, this San Francisco based company has already sold over a million pairs of sneakers within the US. Time described the label’s offering as “the world’s most comfortable shoes” and while there’s no denying the fact, the brand also puts understated style at the forefront. If you want a pair of simple and versatile trainers, then Allbirds is the way to go. The brand is also very serious about the use of sustainable materials – the soles of their shoes are made from sugarcane and the upper fabrics from either eucalyptus trees or naturally made merino wool.

Fashion is a form of self-expression and it will always remain a lucrative industry, but if we try to support brands that are making an effort to save our environment, the whole industry may change its values as well.

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