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Makeup can be used many ways — to cover up skin imperfections, to make up for physical shortcomings (flat nose, for instance, baby!) and even to completely look like somebody else. Well, there are plenty of makeup tricks too to get you all sultry and your man hot! Check out these five looks to wear your sex appeal from head to toe.  5 Sexy Eye Makeup Looks:


Look # 1: Kim Kardashian Doppelganger


Get the look of reality star, Kim K, who has inspired many with her sexy eyes and soft curls. Here’s how she easy does it:


  1. Don’t prime. Moisturize! Plump up your skin without the greasy surface left behind by sticky creams.


  1. Put on foundation. Make sure to get one closest to your natural skin tone. Make sure to cover your entire face, neck and chest.


  1. Use two shades of color for your eyebrows. Use the lighter shade to line the inner corner and the darker shade to line from halfway through and all the way to the tips.


  1. Line your top and bottom eye lines. Use your gel eyeliner then top with an eyeliner pencil or powder using your angle brush.


  1. Create dark and heavy eyelashes. Curl your eyelashes then volumize. If you have few, short eyelashes, you will need falsies to pull off Kim K’s look.


  1. Contour and highlight.


  1. Use a nude, matte color for your lips.


Look # 2: Megan Fox clone


Want a look from another sultry goddess? Then, check out how you can channel Megan Fox by following these steps:


  1. Put on foundation. Double coat if necessary.


  1. Highlight your t-zone, under eyes and the underside of your eyebrows.


  1. Contour. Use a darker nude tone to color your cheek bones and the hollow area underneath it. Create shadows that makes your face look slimmer.


  1. Prep your eye lid with a light nude powder from the inner corner of your eye then upwards to the underside of your eyebrow.


  1. Create a gradient on your eyelids using light shades of nude under the fold and darker tones on the fold.
  2. Wing the eye line slightly with another nude shade still close to your natural skin tone. Color up to the outer half of your eyelids only.


  1. Line your top and bottom eye lines with black or dark brown liner then top with powder using an angle brush.


  1. Draw on your eyebrows with a dark brown eyebrow liner.


  1. Curl your eyelashes. Put on mascara. Then, glue on falsies that are long and slightly sideways.


  1. Layer lip color. First in matte dark pink. Then, in creamy red.


  1. Put on your soft curls if you have long hair. If not, make do with a wig.

smoky eye

Look # 3: Smoky eyes


Among the least understood makeup tricks that has been around for a while but still perfected by a few are smoky eyes. Here’s how you can get this look:


  1. Cover and conceal.


  1. Thickly line your top and bottom lids with a dark eyeliner.


  1. Create a gradient of dark shades. It can be a combination of dark blue and onyx.


  1. Keep your lips toned down in matte.


Look # 4: Sultry look


  1. Cover up and correct imperfections.


  1. Perfect your eyebrows.


  1. Put on a dark eye liner.


  1. Put your wild eyes contact lenses into place.


  1. Curl your eyelashes and put on thick, long, curly mascara or falsies.


  1. Create a gradient of nude colors on your eyelids.


  1. Put on your deep burgundy lips.


Look #5: Night goddess


Bank on great skin for this look. It’s sheer and flirty. Here’s how:


  1. Make your skin appear plumped and dewy. Moisturize with lightweight serum. Layer the cheeks and underside of the eyes with a thicker formulation.


  1. Cover up with BB cream or a sheer foundation.


  1. Conceal sparingly.


  1. Get a thicker formulated colorless moistuirizer to line the top of your cheeks with.
  2. Line your eyes with dark brown or black eyeliner.


  1. Create a gradient of nudes on your eye lids.


  1. Perfect your eyebrows.


  1. Curl and color your eyelashes.




Makeup must be one of the best inventions women (and a couple of men) have created. Although the commercialization of beauty gets criticized for making women think they’re not pretty in natural skin, it cannot be denied how make up too has empowered many simply by making them feel more confident to face the world.

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