5 Essential Tips on Defining Your Style

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One of the most important extensions of personality is definitely your style. Having your own personal style really is important, not only for the way you present yourself to the world, but it can make your morning routine easier and save you a lot of time while shopping as well. Moreover, it can boost your confidence and lift your spirits.


And most importantly, it makes you feel safe and believe in yourself. Since you are one of a kind in this world, why not have a very unique, your own style that not everyone has and not everyone can pull off in the same way? So, if you don’t know how to achieve this or want to make sure you did everything as you should have done, take a look at these five most important tips on defining and making your own personal style:


Find your inspiration

There are people in the world that we admire and look up to, and whose sense of style we are huge fans of. Be it a celebrity, a blogger or a vlogger, or your colleague, they could serve as great inspirations in trying to find your own personal style. This doesn’t mean that you should copy their style, though. Try and channel some of their fashion choices into your own attire. For doing so perfectly, try to save (either technologically or mentally) some of their best combinations and pieces of clothing – that way, you will know what to match with what, and what kinds of things should be on your shopping list.


Analyse your wardrobe

The next thing you should do is head to your wardrobe and open it. Now you’re there, take each piece of clothing you have and make sure if you’ll be wearing it again or not. If the answer is negative, you know what you should do. Having your own personal style demands getting rid of all the clothes you won’t be wearing or simply don’t need. Moreover, you will be decluttering your closet, and we all know how much time that takes.


However, make sure that you don’t already have a personal style that just needs a bit of fixing. Take a look at your wardrobe and see what the piece of clothing or pattern you have the most is. Perhaps you’re into bohemian, or elegant women’s clothing. Next, see if you still like those clothes or you’ve changed your preference over time (which is a thing that often happens) and continue from there.


Shop smarter

It’s not very advisable to be “all over the place” with your style, and that is why it’s of the utmost importance to know what you’re shopping. Simply liking a certain skirt or a dress is not enough – you have to make sure it is something you would wear and match nicely with your outfit. One of the best pieces of advice for doing this is creating a timeless wardrobe, containing clothes that match perfectly together.


However, you should also have formal attire that you would wear in special occasions. Since shopping for these can be troublesome and it might happen that you don’t find a piece you really want to have, browsing the internet and buying clothes online is a pretty good option. That way you’ll make sure to buy something you really want and matches with your style, the choice is bigger, and you’ll be shopping in the comfort of your home.


Wear it with confidence

Regardless of other people liking your style or not, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable wearing the clothes you want to wear. The biggest mistake would be wearing something that you don’t really feel, but rocking it because it’s fashionable. Your lack of confidence will show, and by doing so, you will be sending a wrong message to the people. A tip: wear the clothes you want and you like, no matter what people think of them. If you come out as a self-confident woman, you will be glowing nonetheless, and thus receive all the compliments from the environment. There’s nothing more important in style than confidence.


Ask for help

If it happens to have trouble defining and making your own style, don’t be scared to ask for help. if you’re having skin problems, you always go to a dermatologist. If you’re not feeling well, you see a doctor. The case of you having trouble in making your wardrobe should not be different. The best option would be to ask for help your friend whose style you like. Hearing opinions from the people close to you can prove to be great lessons.


To sum up, yes, you are one of a kind and you should wear whatever the hell you want, but you should definitely choose one style for doing it, and be known for that particular style. Not only will you feel better, but you will also make it easier for other people to know what to get you for your birthday!

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