5 Engagement Ring Trends That Will Dominate 2019

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When it comes to engagement rings, there’s no right or wrong way to pick one. As long as it represents your personality and the bond between you and your partner, it’s a good choice. However, trends are fun to look at and they often serve as a source of inspiration for a future bride who’s not really sure what kind of ring she’d like. If you like fashion and follow its trends, there’s no reason not to check out what the wedding industry is up to, and find the best engagement ring ideas that are popular right now.

Are you ready to rock something stunning on your finger? Then take a look at what’s hot and maybe you find something that calls your name.

Vintage charm

Diamonds are always going to be a popular choice for an engagement ring, but this year it’s not just about classic solitaire cuts. Pear-shaped diamonds, for example, are very much in vogue, and the delicate cut of them can suit even the daintiest of brides. Other gemstones are also quite popular, and we’re seeing a lot of rings with emerald and oval cuts that look just interesting enough to catch attention. It’s a good way to step away from tradition while making sure you still have something completely gorgeous. Experiment with cuts and shapes and find the one that will bring out the color and beauty of your ring.

Soft halos

Halos are a great way to bring out the centerpiece gem and make it more visible, and if you’re a fan of bigger, more impressive rings, this is a good way to make sure it doesn’t end up looking tacky. A soft, thin halo that surrounds a big diamond or sapphire will look absolutely elegant, and this kind of choice is suitable for brides who enjoy being a little more traditional but still want something unique on their finger. You don’t have to opt for the cushion halo either—find something with a distinctive shape that matches the cut of the big ring, or go for slight asymmetry to make it a touch edgier. It’s easy to make it look good as long as you let yourself get creative.

Colored gems

Morganites, sapphires, black diamonds, garnets—why not bring some color into your life? You can stick to classic black and pick something smooth and elegant like black onyx, or go for a passionate red ruby to signify the love between you and your partner. There’s something very personalized about custom engagement rings in unique colors because they can showcase your personality in a subtle, sophisticated way. They’re modern, but their beauty also makes them timeless, and you get a lot more freedom to pick something that’s truly your own and that no other bride will have. If you and your partner feel your connection is something special, this is a good way to show that and to celebrate your uniqueness.

Yellow gold

Rose gold is still on the rise from the previous year, but yellow gold is topping it. 2019 is definitely going to be the year where the classics are popular again, and we have Meghan Markle to thank for this. Her engagement ring is lovely—a gold band with three-stone diamonds, it’s big, elegant, and totally worthy of a duchess! If you’re not quite sure what color you want the band to be, you can always make a choice based on your skin undertone. Grab the jewelry you already have at home, and try to figure out whether you look better in cool or warm colors because this can give you a good indication of what kind of metals will look good against your finger.

Stacked and nested rings

The idea behind these is that your partner can keep gifting you with rings for very special occasions. For example, one for your wedding, one when your first child is born, and one for a big anniversary together. This requires some planning and investment, but it’s not actually necessary—you can immediately pick out two nested rings and have one be your engagement ring, and the other one your wedding ring and end it there. This will ensure your two rings always look together because it will bring a sense of cohesion. This trend started a while back with stars like Rebecca Romijn and Kate Bosworth, and it seems to be on the rise again this year.


When picking your ring, it’s always a good idea to pick something beautiful that you know you’ll love even a decade for now. Find the one that will suit your unique personality, and wear it proudly every day.

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