5 Details that’ll Take Your Wedding to the Next Level

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The devil, as they say, is in the details. As any fashion-loving gal knows, you can’t rock an outfit without good accessories, and you can’t attain that level of perfect polish unless you pay attention to the little things. Arranging small details so they fit the grand theme is a way to show your refined taste, and when it comes to weddings, it’s absolutely crucial for any bride who dreams of making the whole event perfect.

For those wish to make their big day full of splendorous beauty, here’s how to take everything to the next level and give it that lovely final touch.

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Sparkly hair accessories

Who wouldn’t admire a beauty with stars in her hair? Hair accessories are often overlooked, and yet they can give a gorgeous fairytale vibe to everything and make the bride feel almost magical. If you like it subtle, you can pick only one hair clip with shimmery beads to hold your veil, but do consider going further than that. For example, star-shaped pins placed strategically over your bun can make it look like you have light trapped in your hair, and you can also go for elaborate headpieces or circlets made of elegant, weaving patterns. Accessories such as these mean that your hairstyle doesn’t need to be particularly complex to be interesting, and if you struggle to find a style that won’t fall apart after two hours of wear, these kind of sparkly pins and clips can actually help keep it in place.  

Killer shoes

Girl, you’ve got to get yourself a good pair of shoes. In fact, this is the first thing you want to grab, before you even think about the wedding dress. Shoes are more than a detail, they are a foundation on which you can build a spectacular outfit because they will immediately get you into the right mindset—you’re a hot bride with amazing legs and you’ll look stunning at your wedding. A woman with the right pair of shoes can take over the world, but finding a nice pair of heels early makes sense from a practical perspective as well. Once you know how tall the heels are going to be, you’ll know which dress to pick. Treat yourself to something dazzling like a sexy pair of Badgley Mischka bridal shoes or something similarly striking and make sure to walk around the house in a miniskirt and admire yourself. This will help you break them in and maybe even inspire to pick a shorter dress so you could show them off.

Sultry lingerie

Yes, it goes underneath your dress, but lingerie is still important. Not only do good undergarments give your body a beautiful hourglass shape, but they simply make you feel really alluring. Knowing that you’re wearing a lacy ivory-colored corset and garters underneath your big gown feels really sexy and it reminds you of what’s to come—the wedding night. Your partner might be in a complete daze when they see you in the wedding dress, but seeing what you’re wearing once you take it off will definitely make their jaw drop to the floor.

Corsets are a good idea but do try not to lace them too tightly if you want to breathe unrestrained. Pair them with thigh-high stockings and garters and pick a color that either matches your wedding dress, or at least doesn’t clash with it. If you don’t like corsets, feel free to go for a thong and a satin-trimmed bra with a slight push-up effect. Whatever makes you feel desirable and comfortable is a good choice.

Elegant bridal wrap

Particularly useful for brides who pick a dress with bare shoulders. A wrap will keep you warm, but it will also make you look very sophisticated. A small fur wrap will look opulent and lend you an aura of dramatic elegance, but you can also go for something dainty and pick a simple silk scarf that will showcase your femininity. Jackets are also a good choice, especially if you plan to spend time outside in the evening. Just find something that complements your dress and you’ll look great.

Pearls everywhere

If you were to ask your grandparents, they’d likely tell you that a wedding is unimaginable with pearls. And truly, if you want to look timeless, a pearl necklace is the piece to go for. It’s simple, it’s elegant, and it can be paired with almost any kind of bridal attire and make it look ten times more refined. The whole thing is made even better if you borrow the pearls from your mom, grandma, or other female relative. If your dress is cut in a way that doesn’t allow for a necklace, consider a pair of earrings, or maybe a headband to grace your veil.


And of course, the last thing you don’t want to forget—a dazzling smile! Nothing ornaments a bride better than a big grin of genuine happiness, so between all the planning and the chaos, do remember to relax and enjoy your own wedding day.

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