5 Dance Inspired Fashion Ideas

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What most people do not realize is that some fashion trends actually start on the dance floor. Of course, dancers do not choose outfits because they look good; they choose them because of the comfort levels they offer. Here are 5 dance inspired fashion ideas:


Leggings fit the body like a second skin. They cover the lower part of the body and people usually wear them under skirts and dresses for extra warmth. Leggings have been in the fashion industry for quite a while and they do not seem to be going anywhere.

Nowadays, women are even daring to step out of the house in leggings only. If you opt for this fashion trend, you should make sure that your leggings are thick enough to mimic pants. You can buy your pair at online stores such as dance costumes by Just for Kix.


Leotards are usually worn by ballet dancers because they provide support for the body. They allow both the instructor and dancer to observe the way the body moves and make the necessary adjustments. The leotard makes it easier for instructors to perfect a dancer’s moves, which helps to avoid injury.

In the 70s, this clothing item became a fashion statement because people wore their jeans low on the hips. This meant that keeping the shirt tucked in was almost impossible. Moreover, wearing a long shirt or jacket meant that you would be hiding your low-cut jeans, which nobody wanted to do.

Leotards were the best solution to this problem because they allowed people to show off their low cut jeans whilst providing secure coverage for the daring pants. Leotards have stuck around in the fashion industry and women like to pair them with pants and skirts.


Dancers need warm-up clothes to wear before and after their routines. Warming up the body is important for healthy muscles, and hoodies come in handy. Hoodies are common streetwear because of the warmth and comfort they offer the wearer. Everyone from adults to infants can wear a hoody because of their style and comfort.

Duffle Bags

Duffle bags are a necessary item for dancers because they need them to carry their shoes and clothes. However, if you visit any college or high school, you will see students with duffle bags. Because of how easy they are to carry, duffle bags are preferred by many students over handbags and backpacks.

People who participate in sports also prefer to carry duffle bags. These bags can be used to carry anything and have taken over casual wear.


In the past few years, sneakers have taken over as the shoes of choice for most people. This is mostly because they come in different styles and price ranges. Finding the perfect pair of sneakers at an affordable price is quite easy.

Big sneaker designers are constantly adding to their collections and people always rush to buy the newest pairs. Hip hop dancers have always been wearing sneakers, which got many people to like them. Hip hop dancers usually practice on hard floors and sidewalks, which makes sneakers their shoe of choice.

However, you should know that there is a difference between a dancing sneaker and a casual wear sneaker. A dancing shoe should be able to move with the dancer: it moves when the dancer is moving and stops when the dancer does.


Dancers wear different pieces of clothing for specific reasons. The general public usually chooses to wear some of their more stylish pieces. The dance-inspired outfits that the public has adopted include leotards, leggings, hoodies, sneakers, and duffle bags. 


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