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The medicine, science and technology are constantly progressing, and they are impacting every aspect of our lives. As for the beauty industry and cosmetic surgeries, we learn about new revolutionary procedures each day. We are far from risky invasive procedures the beauty sphere used to promote, and these innovative methods are helping you reveal the new you instead of creating an artificial and unnatural look. In this article, we’ll present you with five most promising and most talked about treatments that are bound to yield great results.


Before you start panicking about the seemingly terrifying name of the procedure, consider the amazing benefits of microneedling. This breakthrough in the beauty industry is one of the main reasons why the skin of some celebrities, such as Brad Pitt, Kim Kardashian and Demi Moore, looks so fantastic regardless of their age.

The treatment includes using a handheld device to poke tiny holes in the skin, really fast. These dozens of wounds on your face will not become scars. On the contrary, they will stimulate the skin’s natural ability to restore itself and produce elastin and collagen in the process. Additionally, this process improves the absorption of the skincare products you apply to your face which furthermore improves your complexion.


Another procedure that is famous among the most famous, like Victoria Beckham, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna and Jessica Alba, microblading is a procedure that saves you from dealing with brow gels, pencils and powders. No wonder Victoria Beckham needed it, she was, like many of us, a victim of the over-tweezed brows of the ‘90s.

This quasi face tattoo creates the look of fuller brows by placing pigment under the skin. The professionals for this method use a handheld tool to draw strokes that mimic your natural brow hair. Of course, this method isn’t perfect, but only because it is not permanent. It requires touch-ups every six months, but the results can last up to three years.


If you think that the obsessive search for the perfect figure came with the concept of “beach body” you are wrong. People have always aspired to be lean and fit, but there are some fat cells that are far more persistent than us. Fortunately, invasive liposuction is no longer the only way to get rid of excess fat. The alternative lies in a non-invasive treatment called fat freezing which freezes and kills the fat cells.

The results of this treatment are visible within four to six weeks. It’s a perfect solution for dealing with trouble areas like bra bulges and love handles. The procedure is not for everyone, though. It is mostly intended for people in search for smaller changes. Most clinics offer free-of-charge consultations, so before you make your decision, you can discuss it with experts.

Lash enhancement tattoos

We already mentioned the procedure that enhances the brows, but there is more to a killer stare than a raised brow – you also need lush eyelashes. Up until now, fuller lashes all the ladies lust for were achieved with mascaras or fake lashes, but today is a new day.

Lash enhancement tattoos fake the appearance of sumptuous eyelashes by strategically placing pigment in between each individual lash. These filled gaps give the illusion of darker and thicker lashes that look natural.

Don’t worry, this process is nothing similar to microneedling, so you won’t have to worry about a shaking hand pointing thin needles so close to your eye. In fact, it is done with a computerized pigmentation device and the area on the eyelid is numbed first, so you won’t feel a thing.


For decades, Botox has been the rejuvenator of choice, not only for A-listers, but also for “mortals”. However, a needle to the face is not everyone’s cup of tea, and Fillerina is here to save the day. Fillerina is a topical filler gel that boosts the skin by using six different hyaluronic acid molecules which travel through the skin layers.

This gel not only reduces the depth of the wrinkles, but also gives more volume to the lips and cheekbones. Because of the high concentration of hyaluronic acid, this treatment is very effective in hydrating the skin.

The best thing about this treatment is that you can try it yourself in the comfort of your home with a very user-friendly tool.

All of these procedures are a real treat for everyone who wants to enhance their beauty and prolong their youthfulness. They are perfectly harmless, and the results will probably blow your mind.

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