10 Top Fashion Tips for Classy Summer Outfits

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When I think of “classy fashion” visions of elegant icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Princess Diana, and Elizabeth Taylor dance in my head.

When I think of summer, I think of swimming pools, blinding sunshine, sticky Popsicle, sweet tea, and even sweeter delicious homemade lemonade.

How do two such polar opposite things mix when it comes to classy summer outfits? Class and summer are more compatible than you’d ever expect.

Read on to find out how to keep your summer wardrobe classy even with a sticky Popsicle in one hand, and a glass of lemonade in the other!

  1. Choose the Right Fabrics

Sometimes what seems like a small, ridiculous details count for more than you’d think. The foundation of fashion and style is built on details.

Not only are these fabrics timeless fashion-wise, but they are also fabrics that endure decades of wear and tear. There are classics because they say, and explain, certain things without you yourself having to utter a word.


Silk: Feels luxurious on the skin while projecting an indulgent yet subdued sexiness.

Cotton: This is a soft, downy classic. White cotton fabric is an especially clean,  effortlessly cool and classy material.

Other great summer fabrics are wool, linen, and chambray.

  1. Be Particular About Your Bottoms 

Wide leg, fitted white palazzo pants are a must-have in any summer wardrobe. It’s also a season for skirts and shorts. When choosing a skirt, you want the length to hit just above or below the knee to maintain that classy vibe.

When it comes to shorts, I suggest sticking to styles such as Bermuda and high-waisted linen.

If you choose to wear denim, make it white denim. Crisp white shorts paired with a button-up in an earthy shade, a pair of trendy flip flops make for a classy yet fun look.

  1. Find a Good Fit

Nothing will declassify a chic wardrobe faster than ill-fitting pieces.  Having items custom-tailored and fitted to your body is highly recommended to avoid this particular fashion faux pas.

  1. Choose Colors Wisely 

 Wondering which colors to choose for summer?

Neutral tones like olive green, tan beige, crisp brown, navy, and khaki are ideal for a classic, sophisticated summer outfit. For a more modern classic air, go for hues like coral pink, deep gold, magenta, and jewel-toned yellows and greens.

  1. Prints and Patterns

This is where you have room to play and explore.

Vibrant floral prints and geometrically patterned blouses something to experiment with. If the idea of experimentation overwhelms you, pieces like a black shirt with polka dots is a universal classic.

Printed slim-fitting pants are also worth looking into.

  1. Style and Cut

 How should your best classy summer outfits fit your body? Think flowy and draping tops, loose yet fitted pants, ruffled blouses topped with a cropped blazer or semi-sheer knitted duster.

  1. Summer Dresses

The bright floral printed dress is a summer outfit piece that will never steer you wrong. Other good picks are a navy blue dress coupled with camel colored heels, a cream-colored shift dress with a string of pearls. For summer evening wear, the iconic little black dress with sheer tights and bold black strappy heels is a good bet.

  1. Classy Footwear

Summer footwear has quite the range for you to select from. Slingbacks, low block heels, espadrilles, strappy sandals, modern mules, white sneakers, and peep-toe pumps.

  1. Keep Makeup Simple

You want your makeup to be natural-looking and straightforward. Trade-in your full coverage foundation for a tinted moisturizer.

Swap your glitter cut crease eye looks for a light dusting of your favorite highlighter on your lids. Toss aside your liquid lipstick and replace it with clear or light pink gloss.

  1. Hair 

If you’re going to portray a classy icon, your hair looking like it has birds roosting in it will undercut your efforts.

A good haircut can go along way in this instance. Some good options like face-framing long layers for long hair, a lob for medium length hair, or a textured pixie cut for short hair. If you’re on a time crunch, sleek ponytails, fishtail braids, and smooth low buns are classy lifesavers.

Classy Summer Outfits: Bonus Tips

Let’s get ready for summer!

Accessories should be simple and elegant.

  • Earrings-Baroque pearls, small dainty gold and silver hoops, cut diamond studs. 
  • Necklaces-long pendant chains, freshwater pearls, diamond solitaire, gold Figaro chains.
  • Bracelets-Gold or silver bangles, tennis, rope, watches with metal or leather bands.
  • Rings-thin bands, diamonds, art deck, heirlooms, filigree, and cocktail.
  • Scarves-choose scarf fabrics like the ones mentioned in the clothing fabrics section. Paisley, floral, stripes, and solids are all great colors and patterns.   
  • Purses-Leather or vegan leather, velvet, quilted, good quality hardware, clutches, shoulder bags, tote bags, mini crossbody bags. 
  • All clothing must be wrinkle-free!

Wool cardigans and thin, cropped leather jackets in white, cream, and camel colors are your day-to-evening wear friends.

Diane von Furstenberg has a smart little tip when it comes to wearing a summer wrap dress: tie it, then loop one side back through, so your wrap dress will never get loose and stay in place.

Remaining Classy No Matter the Season 

No matter what pieces make up your classy summer outfits, the most important thing is that it makes you feel beautiful. Confidence with a dash of a bright smile is a recipe for nailing whatever style you choose to emulate.

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