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Ladies I am fully aware that we spend hundreds of dollars a year on our hair, make-up, skin-care, clothing, diet, and exercise. The female species is here to look and feel sexy, not just for ourselves BUT to attract that man we so desire. I know I couldn’t go more than four weeks without a mani-pedi, I feel dirty and disgusting just thinking about it.

Why is it that most women don’t tend to the MOST important feature on their face?? The glorious eyebrows should be at the top of your priority list! Damone Roberts the Eyebrow King states, “Because every face deserves the perfect frame.” This statement I know to be true, I myself am an eyebrow sculptor at Damone Roberts Beverly Hills. I have been with this company 5 years and let me tell you I can brow-ti-fy you with my eyes closed!

Here are my top tips to stay “Brow-ti-ful”:

1) Always brush the eyebrows up with a clear eyebrow gel, to keep them nicely groomed and in place for the day.

2) Alignment is key! Your brows should never be too close or too far. The beginning of your brows should start at the point above the little indent above your nostril, just grab a pen and measure. Also, the tail of your brow should not pass the end corner of your eye, nor should it be too short.

3) If you were born with thick brows, guess what??!! That’s meant to be, you should keep them that way.

4) If your brows are too light and you feel like a ghost without shadow, get those babies colored! Makes a HUGE difference.

5) And lastly, when you are doing your makeup do not skip on the eyebrow shadow and pencil. Don’t forget to highlight those arches too!

Every little detail makes a difference! We are fabulous and why not aim for the perfect frame? Within seconds you can look thinner and younger, so just DO IT! Enjoy getting “brow-ti-ful”.

Sarah Agajanian




Sarah Agajanian
Sarah Agajanian is an artist and writer of many forms in Los Angeles, CA. She owns her own business called Rock N' Brows + Makeup in Beverly Hills, holding a reputation as a leading eyebrow sculptor to Hollywoods most elite Rocknbrows.com. Her nights are busy with performing/recording her music with her band project ESEMAE. A singer/songwriter/musician she is, determined to express her creative self as much as possible! ESEMAE frequents: The Viper Room, Foundation Room, Harvelles, Bar Lubitsch, Witzend, Troubadour and many more! Follow her on social media for all the music and beauty possible.

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