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DirtyandThirty.com was created by Stuart Brazell and Stefanie Seifer over a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc on a random Wednesday out on the town.  Don’t you agree the best decisions are made over vino?

We came to the decision that the twenties were made for making mistakes and the thirties are for actually dealing with them …. and knowing better.  We are your hip, edgy lifestyle website for women in their late twenties to thirties who own who they are. We’’re carving out an online space where women come to feel informed, inspired and know that we are all in this together. DirtyandThirty is fun, warm, sophisticated, daring, intelligent, insightful, comical, informative and most of all ………. social! We want you to feel like this is a place where you can escape, share, connect, and lend support.

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  1. agaga gaga says:

    Amy Horton is /ourgirl/ :^)

    t. KC

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