Goodbye to E!
Chelsea Handler Says ‘Goodbye to E!’ and ‘Chelsea Lately’ then Suggests We Go Roll a Joint and Have a Drink. Hot or Hot Mess?
Stuart Brazell
by Stuart Brazell

Last night the fearless Chelsea Handler said goodbye to 7 years at E! hosting her late night talk show ‘Chelsea Lately’ with a live one hour star studded farewell! The … Read More

Your Sex Life Can Destroy Your Business
Kimberly Jessy
by Kimberly Jessy

As a Celebritypreneur, my job is to make people “Shine” – get them known, make them Celebrities. When I work with my clients my intention is to make them go … Read More

Saturn Return in Your Dirty Thirties
Elouise Taylor
by Elouise Taylor

Before doing an Intuitive Therapy session with anyone, I ask for their date of birth. I am not an Astrologer however, there is one planetary occurrence I have seen so … Read More

The Courage to Love Myself. Manifestation Monday.
Jennifer Pastiloff
by Jennifer Pastiloff

Courage has been such a powerful theme in my classes recently, that I felt the need to talk about it again.  I made the theme of “courage” a bit more … Read More

(Un)happily Ever After – 9 Guys Who Did Not Get The Girl
Danielle Sepulveres
by Danielle Sepulveres

Sometimes there is no happily ever after in the movies. For any multitude of reasons. Timing, parents disapprove, someone dies, unrequited love. Whatever the case, these guys are not to … Read More

Muscle Milk Organic Launch At Beach Haus Malibu
Launch of Muscle Milk Organic at Beach Haus Malibu with Host Ali Fedotowsky
Tiffany Angulo
by Tiffany Angulo

Last weekend Muscle Milk celebrated the launch of its first organic product of ready-to-drink shakes, Muscle Milk Organic, with private workout sessions at Beach Haus Malibu hosted by Ali Fedotowsky. … Read More

Screen shot 2014-08-22 at 1.06.21 AM
Dirty and Thirty Epic Cocktail Challenge: Hpnotiq Harmonie + Tropical Tanteo Tequila Margarita
Stuart & Stefanie
by Stuart & Stefanie

Mixing Random Ingredients To Make Delicious Cocktails. Here at dirtyandthirty, we don’t like anything ordinary so we decided to create cocktails with random ingredients (aka what Stefanie has lying around her apartment). … Read More

Take A Trip, Dammit!
Amy Horton
by Amy Horton

I am the last person in the world to take a vacation. There is always something that needs to be done, money that needs to be made…a lack of money … Read More

Screen shot 2014-08-20 at 4.09.20 PM
Dirty and Thirty Weekly: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and The On Run Tour
Stuart & Stefanie
by Stuart & Stefanie

At Dirty and Thirty we like to keep up with what is trending online. We also like to keep up with what is trending on the site. Check out what … Read More

Sound of Music Sing-a-Long costumes
The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Music Sing-a-Long
Crystal Smith
by Crystal Smith

How do you solve a problem like Maria? Only every September at the Hollywood Bowl Sound of Music Sing-a-Long!!! And of course the only way to get the true experience … Read More