Manifestation Monday. Your Favorite Memory.
Jennifer Pastiloff
by Jennifer Pastiloff

  Dear Manifesters, today’s DMC is a sweet one that came to me after I updated my Facebook last night and asked people “What is your favorite memory?” My last retreat to Mexico is … Read More

labor day
Tiffany Angulo
by Tiffany Angulo

Get ready to enjoy all the summer festivities that will be happening this Labor Day weekend! Do something outdoors and soak up the summer sunshine! Before you head out in … Read More

Under Pressure
Stop Pressurin’ Me – Do You Feel Pressured To Have Kids?
Lisa U
by Lisa U

Jennifer Aniston sat down with the Today Show’s Carson Daly to promote her new film “Life of Crime”. Aniston’s interview with Gloria Steinem became a topic, in which she said, … Read More

5 Fictional Females Who Turned A Break-Up Into A Career Breakthrough
Danielle Sepulveres
by Danielle Sepulveres

Before I became a freelance writer or had the opportunity to work in television, I endured a cubicle corporate existence. Aside from feeling creatively stifled, there were some very bright … Read More

Angelina and Brad
Surprise! Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are Married!
Stuart Brazell
by Stuart Brazell

Raise your glass and toast the fabulous Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, who got married over the weekend at Château Miraval in France!! With the rumor mill full of break-ups … Read More

The Drought Is Real, Y’All
Amy Horton
by Amy Horton

You might have heard by now that California is a little lacking when it comes to the water supply lately. To be realistic, it always is, and over the past … Read More

Goodbye to E!
Chelsea Handler Says ‘Goodbye to E!’ and ‘Chelsea Lately’ then Suggests We Go Roll a Joint and Have a Drink. Hot or Hot Mess?
Stuart Brazell
by Stuart Brazell

Last night the fearless Chelsea Handler said goodbye to 7 years at E! hosting her late night talk show ‘Chelsea Lately’ with a live one hour star studded farewell! The … Read More

Your Sex Life Can Destroy Your Business
Kimberly Jessy
by Kimberly Jessy

As a Celebritypreneur, my job is to make people “Shine” – get them known, make them Celebrities. When I work with my clients my intention is to make them go … Read More

Saturn Return in Your Dirty Thirties
Elouise Taylor
by Elouise Taylor

Before doing an Intuitive Therapy session with anyone, I ask for their date of birth. I am not an Astrologer however, there is one planetary occurrence I have seen so … Read More

The Courage to Love Myself. Manifestation Monday.
Jennifer Pastiloff
by Jennifer Pastiloff

Courage has been such a powerful theme in my classes recently, that I felt the need to talk about it again.  I made the theme of “courage” a bit more … Read More