Mindfulness Matters
Erin Dwyer Paglione
by Erin Dwyer Paglione

In today’s world we are constantly ‘on’.  I can openly state that I am addicted to my technology.  Do you ever pick up your phone and scroll Twitter, Facebook, Email … Read More

Getting Rubbed All The Wrong Ways
Danielle Sepulveres
by Danielle Sepulveres

An entire apartment once hung in the balance over the question of what does Chandler Bing do for a living? Friends who had known him for years could not produce … Read More

Amanda Bynes
Amanda Bynes Arrested for DUI – Again!
Stuart Brazell
by Stuart Brazell

I’m so sad to hear Amanda Bynes has found herself in trouble once again!  The actress was arrested for DUI in the early hours of Sunday morning and has been … Read More

Get That Trending Look At Bokaos Salon
Stuart & Stefanie
by Stuart & Stefanie

Keeping up with new hair and skin care trends can be simple, as long as you are guided by the right expert.  We had the pleasure of getting lightened and … Read More

10 Fun Ways to Enjoy Fall
Stuart Brazell
by Stuart Brazell

Hello, FALL! Of course we all love the lazy, sun-kissed days of summer.  But there is something so invigorating about the crisp days of fall!  Here are 10 fun ways … Read More

The Road to Wellness
Aurora Rodriguez
by Aurora Rodriguez

For those of you that have been following my posts, thank you. I appreciate your support through tough times and I am inclined to share how I have gotten better. … Read More

Screen shot 2014-09-27 at 1.13.53 AM
Why should we care that there (still) aren’t a lot of lady characters in movies?
by dirtyandthirty

Women and girls make up about 50% of the world’s population – but according to the movies, we’re far less significant. Per the recently released study “Gender Bias without Boarders: An … Read More

As Millennials Turn Dirty Thirty
Emily Harrison
by Emily Harrison

2014 is almost in its final quarter and this year has marked a lot of things. It’s the fortieth anniversary of Saturday Night Live, the earth’s massive Ozone hole is … Read More

30 something is the new 20 something…with a swipe.
Stefanie Seifer
by Stefanie Seifer

I went on my first Jswipe date. I can’t believe I actually did it. Let me start off by saying that dates usually start in a public place. You can … Read More

Why You Can’t Break Up With An Artist
Amy Horton
by Amy Horton

Good luck dating and then breaking up with an artist. Artists are special people. We are very sensitive and very deeply hurt, so an action that might seem like nothing … Read More