how to dig yourself out of the depression hole
How To Dig Yourself Out of the Depression Hole
LeeAnne Hendricks
by LeeAnne Hendricks

Once you get there it’s soooo dang easy to stay-depressed. Quickly every day things (like just taking a shower or eating) can become obstacles. I know, because I’m there right … Read More

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Child, and my birth control refill…
Jill Anenberg
by Jill Anenberg

Let’s just admit it, we all have reality TV shows we are addicted to, but not everyone shares the same guilty pleasures. Against my will, I was forced to lower … Read More

10 Biggest Mistakes Women Make
Elouise Taylor
by Elouise Taylor

Our foremothers may have burnt their bras so we could have every  opportunity available to us, but no one gave us a rulebook on how to behave once we arrived. … Read More

The 5 Stages of Grief…In a Break Up…When You’re 30
Julie Sanders
by Julie Sanders

We’ve all heard of the 5 Stages of Grief, a theory introduced by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross in the late 1960’s. Although her theory was based on dealing with death, I think … Read More

JLo Booty
Watch Jennifer Lopez Show Off Her Big Booty With Iggy Azalea in this Just Released ‘Booty’ Music Video! #JLoBooty
Stuart Brazell
by Stuart Brazell

Is having a big booty now a requirement for being a successful female music artist?  It certainly seems that way lately!  Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea give rapper Nicki Minaj … Read More

Hot Yoga Can Change Your Body & Your Life
Amy Horton
by Amy Horton

I’ve become something of a hot yoga addict. If you know me, that might surprise you. I hate saunas – I feel like I can’t breathe. I’ve never been a … Read More

Elsa Wedding Dress
Disney Is Releasing a ‘Frozen’ Wedding Dress! Channel Elsa On Your Special Day!
Stuart Brazell
by Stuart Brazell

I personally have a lot of friends who spend every weekend at Disneyland, so I know you ladies jaws dropped at the thought of yourself draped in Elsa’s finest on … Read More

Do cheesy pick up lines work on women?
by dirtyandthirty

A lot of guys are afraid to approach girls because they fear rejection. As a guy, I struggle with approach anxiety, and will continue struggling until I reach my mid-twenties … Read More

OMG as if we did not love Ryan Gosling enough, Now He’s a DILF! Congrats Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes on the Birth of Their Baby Girl!
Stuart & Stefanie
by Stuart & Stefanie

As you recently recall, we last reported on the amazingness of Ryan Gosling when he saved a woman from getting hit by a taxi.  Could we have met the perfect … Read More

Party of One
Lisa U
by Lisa U

As I get older, I find myself doing things on my own more and more. I have a small group of friends that I get to see from time to … Read More