Save a Slut
Save A Slut
by dirtyandthirty

Thank you for logging on to to save a slut today. Please send us an email at & inlcude which slut you want to save. We will send you your … Read More

Swipe Addict: Why I went from a right swipe to a no swipe. 
Stefanie Seifer
by Stefanie Seifer

Last night I deleted my social media dating apps. I have been meaning to do it for quite some time now.  Each time, just as I was about to delete … Read More

I’m Not Attracted to My Annoying Husband Anymore
Samantha Rodman
by Samantha Rodman

Reader Talk To Me writes: I have been married 5.5  years, together with my husband for 7.5. We have an amazing almost 3 year old. The past few months I … Read More

Starting Over In Your 30’s
LeeAnne Hendricks
by LeeAnne Hendricks

So much has changed and happened in my life this past year. I moved, traveled, learned, changed, went in to a deep depression, am now finally coming out of that … Read More

The Perfect Weekend Plan
Aurora Rodriguez
by Aurora Rodriguez

It’s Saturday and that means the weekend is here. While you might have spent the week running around and working hard…I for one have a variety of deadlines looming…this time is … Read More

Sugar, Spice and Mexican Food: My Fun Afternoon with The Book of Life Movie!
Stuart Brazell
by Stuart Brazell

I’ve never been one to turn down dinner and a good movie, especially when Channing Tatum is involved.  Of course, when I was invited to get a sneak peek at … Read More

Halloween Prep! 20 Minute Workout
Tiffany Angulo
by Tiffany Angulo

We are about halfway through the month which means Halloween is almost here! Whether you’re dressing up as something funny, sexy, or cute…let’s get a our workouts in so we … Read More

Touch Your Boobies for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
Stuart Brazell
by Stuart Brazell

Touch your boobies for breast cancer awareness month! I was so thrilled to be invited to be a part of web-celeb Taryn Southern’s latest viral video “Touch Your Boobies” for … Read More

Sleepless in Sexattle
Samantha Rodman
by Samantha Rodman

My husband is driving me crazy. I never know when he wants to have sex, until I’m already asleep and he starts to touch me. WTH? Can’t you see I’m … Read More

TV Execs Need to Catch Up To Their Audiences
Amy Horton
by Amy Horton

A big deal is made of Orange Is The New Black. That’s wonderful – it’s an amazing show and it deserves all the hype, and viewership, it pulls in. The … Read More