Organic Beauty Recipes to Keep You Glowing
by Solange Rubio

Summer is my favorite season, but neither my hair nor skin seems to agree. That shimmery, tousled, and glistening skin look the Victoria’s Secret models pull on the covers is … Read More

Believe In Your Dreams
by Aurora Rodriguez

I have gone through so much since the time I have been a Dirty and Thirty blogger. Heartache, stress and a lot of moments when I didn’t know or understand … Read More

Magic Mike XXL Reactions
Magic Mike XXL Movie Reaction and Review – The Boys are Back and Funnier Than Ever!
by Stuart & Stefanie

If you loved the first Magic Mike movie, then you are seriously going to go MAD for Magic Mike XXL!  The sequel has A LOT more dancing and really builds … Read More

by Amy Horton

             I’ve realized something lately that I find a bit disheartening.  I have become a person who craves convenience and instant gratification.  Yes, this isn’t … Read More

Keep on Keepin’ on!
by Jennifer Pastiloff

“I commend anyone who is “putting themselves out there”. Whatever way you are doing it: Bravo! It is not always easy and often scary and sometimes met with criticism, but … Read More

Marriage Equality: An Open Letter
by Karina Espinosa

I haven’t written much in a while. As a writer sometimes you fall into these dark and empty pits of nothingness that is known as writers block. But as the … Read More

women krav maga
by Tiffany Angulo

Attention ladies! Have you tried Krav Maga? If not, put it on your to do list! I recently had the opportunity to check out Krav Maga Worldwide in LA, and … Read More

More Love Less Fear
by Amy Horton

People might refer to me as sarcastic, cynical, even a pessimist sometimes. I can see that. I get it. Problem is, what you see on the surface is never that … Read More

Stuart + Stef at LA Brewerks Kick-Off
5 Fun Events at LA Beer Week For Ladies Who Love Craft Beer!
by Stuart Brazell

Confession – I LOVE CRAFT BEER! And I hope more of you ladies are drinking it! For a long time there’s been a misconception that beer gives you a beer … Read More

The Vagina Wax Monologues (Based on actual events)
by Luchana Gatica

Summer is in full-effect which, for us ladies, means big trouble in Little China. By China, I mean vagina. We are wearing less clothing and spending a lot of time … Read More


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